My Favourite Listology Lists/Articles

  • Philosophy 401: Philosophy of Listology - Third (1922) Edition by Bertie - Here
  • Watch Films Online ~ Websites by Oedipus - Here
  • Sounds (apart from general music) that I really like by Merlin - Here
  • 100 Favourite Techno Classics by sljiva - Here
  • A Critical History of Videogames by lukeprog - Here
  • All You Really Need in Tackling My Greatest Albums List (used to be "Recommended Order...") by AfterHours - Here
  • Top 400 trance songs, in order of best to...less best by darktremor - Here
  • CHILL OUT!!!: 200 Enchanting Downbeat Songs by AlacritMusic - Here
  • Possible ways the world could end by darktremor - Here
  • Parable's Favorite Jazz Albums of All-Time by Parable - Here
  • Greatest Movies Ever (according to me) by Lukeprog - Here
  • Greatest Acting Performances in Film History by AfterHours - Here
  • Greatest Shot Sequences in Film History by AfterHours - Here
  • My Approach To Art Criticism by Lukeprog (This is based both on the article and the extensive discussion that follows) - Here

I appreciate you including my list here! I also appreciate you including some that I'd never noticed, as well as some of my own favorites!

you're very much welcome, I've basically chosen those which are funny (Philosophy of Listology), unique (Techno Classics) or very helpful regarding the music (like yours). (: