My Favourite Albums/Tracks By Lieb

  1. This list will deal with both tracks of Lieb and his albums or as a whole. Where possible get hold of the single version of a track rather than the album version as generally speaking these are better tracks in their own right. The album versions are usually supposed to be listened to in the context of the album as a whole. There are some exceptions where there isn't a single version and I shall mark these with a *. The tacks list is a little outdated now and I shall have to review that at some point. Firstly, the albums:
  2. Spicelab - Lost In Spice [1993] {Experimental Acid} 8.5
  3. Oliver Lieb - Constellation [1994] {Ambient} 8.0
  4. Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet [1994] {Acid Trance/Acid Techno} 9.5
  5. The Ambush - The Ambush [1994] {Tribal/Ambient Trance} 9.0
  6. L.S.G. - Rendezvous In Outer Space [1995] {Classic Trance} 8.0
  7. Spicelab - Spy vs Spice [1996] {Acid Techno/Acid Trance} 7.0
  8. L.S.G. - Volume Two [1996] (Haven't heard this one for a while and don't have it any more. I'll have to get hold of it again before rating)
  9. L.S.G. - The Black Album [1998] {Bangin' Techno} 9.0
  10. L.S.G. - Into Deep [1999] {Ambient Breaks/Broken Beat} 8.5
  11. L.S.G. - The Hive [2002] {Progressive Tech Trance} 6.5
  12. Onto the tracks...
  13. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Vinyl Cut) [1996]
  14. Paragliders - Paraglide [1993]
  15. Spicelab - We Got Spice (Spicelab Full Flavour Mix) [1994]
  16. Oliver Lieb - Dimension X [1994]*
  17. The Ambush - Sun [1994]*
  18. Infinite Aura - C-Trance [1993]
  19. L.S.G. - Fragile [1993]
  20. Spicelab - Amorph [1992]
  21. The Ambush - Ambush 2 [1993]
  22. Azid Force - Far From E (Remix) [1993]
  23. L.S.G. - Hidden Sun Of Venus (12" Version) [1997]
  24. Spicelab - Pyrospice [1993]
  25. L.S.G. - Hearts [1994]
  26. Paragliders - Oasis (Original Version)[1995]
  27. Ecano - Run (Z2 Mix) [1999]
  28. Paragliders - Bagdad (Oliver Lieb Remix) [1994]
  29. Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation (Main Mix) [1999]
  30. Spicelab - Spicecowboy [1992]
  31. Snakeman - Afrika [1998]
  32. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Jules Verne Mix) [1997]
  33. Spicelab - Spice Is A Fulltime Occupation [1993]
  34. Ecano - Run (Original Mix) [1998]
  35. L.S.G. - I'm Not Existing (Oliver Lieb Main Mix) [1999]
  36. Oliver Lieb - Lightspeed (Main Mix 1) [2001]
  37. L.S.G. - Blueprint (Version 1) [1994]
  38. Superspy - The Fall [1993]
  39. Paragliders - Paraglide (Humate Remix) [1994]
  40. Infinite Aura - Trancecore [1993]
  41. The Ambush - Casablanca [1994]*
  42. Spicelab - Quicksand [1992]
  43. Infinite Aura - Fractal [1993]
  44. Ecano - Sphere #1 [2000]
  45. L.S.G. - Blueprint (Version 2) [1994]
  46. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Kid Loops Remix) [1997]
  47. Azid Force - Brain Killer [1993]
  48. Spicelab - Wierdo [1992]
  49. L.S.G. - Risin' (Main Mix) [2000]
  50. L.S.G. - Transmutation 1 [1996]
  51. Oliver Lieb vs. Preach - Papel (Preach Remix) [2005]
  52. The Ambush - Acapulco [2004]
  53. Force Legato - System (v1.0.) [1989]
  54. L.S.G. - The Train Of Thought 1.2 [1998]
  55. Spicelab - Feathers (Humate's Flying High Mix) [1996]
  56. Spicelab - Triple Zero [1999]

Netherworld above Paraglide clearly! :P

Yeah it was tough deciding which of the 2 would have first place for me. I'm now changing it to netherworld, which I think will be a permanent change. Unless of course I find a better Lieb song! Or i just change my mind again lol.

Nice list. Try Java - Cosmos (C-Mix) (not original mix) if you still haven't. It's currently my favourite track by Lieb

Funny you should mention Cosmos as I have heard good things about it. However, I did not know whether these good things were about the original mix or the C-mix as there is usually a reason an original does not get the A-side of a vinyl. I was already 'obtaining' the original mix and will now get hold of the C-mix too. Agreeing largely with your classic trance list makes me look forward to getting hold of this song.

What would you say your favourite alias/group of his is? Mine would have to be Spicelab. L.S.G. is amazing too but Lieb's Spicelab work especially 94 and earlier is just so great. Not just the EPs but the albums, especially the first two, are gems in any collection.

Actually, download both versions if you can (or tell me your e-mail and I'll send you the whole 12'') and judge for yourself. Original is more chilled piece (something like ambient breaks) with this beautiful main melody, while the C-Mix is typical four-to-the-floor classic trance, where that beautiful melody really comes into full effect.

Favourite alias? I'll have to go with L.S.G. I just like that sound much better. All 5 albums are great (and his Unreleased album which is available for free download here), and there are some really top-notch singles like already mentioned Hearts, Fragile and Netherworld. But of course, some Spicelab stuff is amazing too...

hey sorry i didnt reply sooner. Just started uni now so quite hectic, so won't be able to update this list for a bit. I liked both mixes of the song actually but preferred the C-mix. Not my personal favourite Lieb song but worthy of a fairly high spot from me.

L.S.G would certainly be my cloe second. Depends on the mood i'm in really. I'll have to get hold of that unreleased album cheers.

Chris you do realise I downloaded the Unreleased Album from L.S.G. ages ago, I'll msn you the link some time so you can give it a listen. It's really good. Anyway, I definitely agree with you about Spicelab, though The Ambush & L.S.G. come a very close second. All great work for sure though, and nice list.
Now...when are you going to make your top trance list? :P

Lol I can already think of so much stuff you have to msn me. It is certainly all great work.
As for the trance list...I'm not sure, in time :P

I like L.S.G. and Paragliders the most at the moment. Though, I'm in the process of getting a lot more Lieb in the meantime.

Heh, a Lieb list. He is definitely awesome.
How about:
Spicelab - Falling (imo the best on ADOOP)
Mirage - Airborn
Java - Cosmos (Original Mix) [@sljiva: I like this one more]
Paragliders - Phi
L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopaya
...or everything he's done?

L.S.G. is easily my second fav alias/group of his. After that it becomes less clear but it probably would be Paragliders or The Ambush.

I do like Falling a lot but like I said in the intro bit this is mostly about his tracks that appear on EPs. If I included all album ones then it would be heavily biased at the top to his extended tracks on A Day On Our Planet/Lost In Spice albums and I feel there's enough Spicelab on there already. I know I included Casablanca, Sun and Dimension X but these were almost treated as individual releases as they appeared on mixes etc. Plus I listen to these individually not as part of the album as a whole often. The long Spicelab ones I usually listen to as a complete album. I do put most of them on my favourite tracks (by everyone not just Lieb) list because they dont' completely dominate that list.

I do in fact have Mirage - Airborn but haven't really listened to it enough to place it yet. It'll probably be mid-highish. I kinda ODed on Lieb because when I made this list I was pretty much exclusively listening to his stuff. I'll come back to it in time but for the moment this list probably won't have any updates.

I like the original and the C-mix of Cosmos. I thought I'd already added them but apparently not. I meant to put the original about half way and the C-mix just outside top 10 I think. Both are good but the C-mix just has that certain something.

Phi is one of the ones I haven't bothered to get actually. It didn't seem to be that highly rated. It's the B-side to Oasis isn't it? I'll get hold of it though and check it out for sure.

Lonely Casseopaya to me isn't really a song I listen to alone but again listen to in the context of Rendezvous In Outer Space.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll get back to you on Phi and I'll try and work Airborn in there. I've got quite a few that deserve to go in actually but like I said I've not really been listening to them.

I didn't catch that you weren't dealing with albums :D

When I heard Lonely Casseopaya on RIOS I was awestruck, so I seeked out the full 6:37 one on the My Time Is Yours (12").

Phi is on the Oasis EP that was produced by Superstition, not the Urban one:

I have a question. Discogs lists the Bagdad on the Paragliders EP to be 6:38, but I have never been able to find one close to that time length. Is Discogs incorrect or do I have bad luck? (Link:

Oh, and to clarify things, are 12"s, LPs, EPs all different names for the same thing?

I'll try getting hold of the single version of it. Does it sound very similar to the version on the album? I've noticed that the versions on albums are often very different from those on EPs. For example I'm Not Existing sounds very different on the album mix than it does on the main mix which is basically the single version of it.

The only mix of Bagdad that I have is (Oliver Lieb Remix) which is 8.36. I can't help you on the original mix of it i'm afraid.

12"s refer to 12-inch vinyl as opposed to 10" vinyl or CD or cassette etc. LP apparently stands for 'Long Playing' but basically vinyl (NOT CD) albums are LPs. Confusingly EP (which stands for 'Extended Play') can be either vinyl or CD and are longer than a single song but not long enough to be considered albums. So EPs and LPs are never the same but LPs/EPs can both be 12" but do not have to be. Sorry if that comes across as confusing.

I've heard all of his albums under his L.S.G. alias, and the only ones I really think are worth it are "Into Deep" and "The Best Of L.S.G (Original Mixes)" LP and the "Blueprint EP". Into Deep and the Blueprint EP are the only ones that really function as albums and are not boring. Into Deep is a great ambient album that's pretty interesting all throughout. The Blueprint EP is probably Lieb at his best, featuring several mixes of some great melodic trance music. Volume Two isn't really boring, but besides Netherworld and Centurion, the quality is abysmal. The Black Album features a style (hard techno) that I'm not interested in; I find it very repetitive and pointless. I have many techno albums, but that's not one I really enjoyed. "Rendezvous..." I enjoyed because of the variation in style and synths, but it was nothing truly memorable. Most of these tracks would work on the dancefloor, but for home listening it really lacks that activity that is needed to captivate the listener. I have yet to check out his Spicelab and Ambush albums.

Maybe it's just cause my taste has gotten farther and farther from trance. Trance is primarily a dance music, after all, and much of it works well in a club but not so great at home or in the car. This is especially true of the lame modern trance.

Anyways, just my opinion, have a nice day :D

Well Into Deep is my fav L.S.G. album as well and Blueprint EP is a must for any early Lieb fan. Haven't heard the Best Of L.S.G. LP but probably heard most of the tracks on there. I haven't heard Vol 2 for a while and don't actually have it now so until i get it I can't really comment on it. I personally like the Black Album but like you say if you don't like that style you won't like that album. It's similar to ambient in its aesthetic in that it gradually and subtley changes but it does so using the complete opposite style. I actually think its pretty amazing how Lieb produced some of the best Bangin'/Hard techno songs on that album despite it not being his style, up there with Hawtin's "Minus Orange" and Clarke's"Wisdom To The Wise". Rendezvous is fairly good if you want a Trance album but in terms of his entire discography or especially electronic albums as a whole its certainly not a classic. There are some songs on there that i would consider classics though - My Time Is Yours, Can You See The Yellow Turtles, The Hidden Sun Of Venus and Fontana. The Hive is probably the least fav L.S.G. album I own but its still above average. Like I said above, Spicelab is my fav Lieb alias, and the albums especially the first two are masterpieces. In fact the second is easily the best Trance album and IMO the best electronic album ever. The Ambush is a masterpiece too, more on the level of Lost In Spice than ADOOP. It is THE tribal electronic album. The Lieb album is reasonable, the main reason to get it is for Constellation X though.

I understand what you're saying. Trance is not my fav genre anymore and at this very moment I'm still mostly into Techno and Rave Hardcore. Some of Rave Hardcore even sounds fairly Trancey. Get hold of The Hypnotist - Pioneers of The Warped Groove and Pioneers Of The Universe. Also Second Phase - Mentasm. All of these are ironically far more trancey than the modern day stuff actually called Trance despite them not being classified as such.

Always good to share opinions, you too :)

I'll take a look. Mentasm is a sick track!

I've moved onto more listening music - idm/dnb, trip hop, jazzy stuff, classical/soundtrack/scores

If I had to predict where I might go next it'll probably be more classical because it has such an elegant sound to it

If you like tribal music, one album I was amazed by is Etnoscope - Drums Before The Dawn Of Time.

Indeed it is. Mind To Mind, the B-side is also a very good track.

Yeh, I listen to rock and classical stuff as well as electronic. I haven't really moved into actual jazz stuff really but I may do in time. I listen to jazzy electronic stuff though.

Yeh some classical stuff is just so breathtaking.

Cheers I'll check that album out.