My Favorite Television Theme Songs

  • Malcolm in the Middle - Come on, admit you sing along with this one! "You're not the boss of me, now, and you're not so big!"
  • Gimme a Break - I absolutely loved this theme. It was catchy and made me want to dance around the room.
  • One Day At a Time - Same goes for this one!
  • Cheers - Here's another one people sing along with. Hell, I've sung this in bars and stuff when the show wasn't even ON.
  • The Duck Factory - I know nobody remembers this show but me; it starred Jim Carrey and was on for about five minutes around 1982. I used to collect TV show themes and have a cassette with priceless themes on it you *never* hear anymore, and this is one of them. The video that went along with it was a RIOT, and I'd give my morning coffee to see it just one more time.
  • The Simple Life (season 1) - The second and third seasons had basically the same melody, but they varied a bit from the original one, which was just too damn catchy - and I normally don't like music that sounds like that at ALL. I downloaded this as a ringtone, for chrissake.
  • Futurama - Damn catchy little tune...I don't know why I didn't think about it before. I hear it every night now, during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

My favorite television theme song would have to be Good Ol' Boys by Waylon Jennings for The Dukes of Hazzard.

That one's not bad; not one of my all-time favorites though... and it's getting a lot of airplay right now due to the movie, though I think someone else sang it this time.