My Favorite Television Shows

  1. The Twilight Zone Just the greatest! How could it not be the favorite show of a cinephile like myself, every episode is like an amazingly written, well directed, mini-movie... each episode unique
  2. The Simpsons Simply great stuff, simple yet funny... lost my faith in them for awhile, but I'm back lovin' them.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm barely nudges out seinfeld as the funniest... larry david is amazing in every way.
  4. Home MoviesMcGuirk! McGuirk! McGuirk! As far as I can tell McGuirk is the funniest character ever on television.
  5. Seinfeld very funny, but in my opinion it's all larry david and there isn't quite enough of him to rank it ahead of curb.
  6. Looney Tunes The king of all cartoon slapstick, the way it should be.
  7. Upright Citizens Brigade The Only truly great skit show... even though it really isn't... it has a discernable plot.
  8. The Venture Brothers Opitome of action-comedy cartoons, can't imagine making an action show without it being a cartoon this kick-ass, and it's hilarious too
  9. South Park Never disagreed with anything these guys have made fun of, and man is it a gutbuster. One of the few satirical shows that don't lean one way or the other.
  10. The Fresh Prince Of Belaire Yes, Will Smith was once very funny, but that was a long time ago.
  11. Knight Rider David Hasselhoff was the man... with a talking do-it-all firebird to boot.
  12. Cheers Ted danson fan and grew up in New England with Boston being my second home.
  13. Extras Only one episode, but I can tell already that I love it.
  14. The Cosby Show Bill Cosby, one of the funniest guys you'll ever see, couldn't think of a better guy to make a comedy about a disfunctional family.
  15. Crime Story
  16. Family Guy The Simpsons' mold taken to a whole nother level, too bad that level isn't as good as the old one, still great stuff.
  17. Married With Children
  18. Futurama I'd love it more if i were a sci-fi fanatic, but still very good show.
  19. The Office Only seen the american one with Steve Carell, and boy is he hilarious in it.
  20. The Drew Carey Show Funny stuff from a funny man.
  21. King Of Queens Not only is Kevin James funny as hell, i'm kinda partial to fat humor from a fat man's perspective, I relate well.
  22. Home Improvement Tim Allen and power tools... can it get better?
  23. Coach Despite what people say Craig T. Nelson is a television god and almost carried The District on to this list, i just hate cop dramas too much.
  24. Becker Ted Danson can overcome bad writing.
  25. Welcome Back Kotter Good 70's fun.
  26. Andy Griffith Show Just good ol' fashioned fun.
  27. Batman Hilariously exciting, adam west masterpieces.
  28. The Wonder Years Nalstalgic, although i never saw it away from Nick-at-Night, given my young age.
  29. Joey Soooooo much better than friends... I hate friends but for some reason I love Joey, I guess they just picked the right writers because he was always my least favorite friends character, now he's funny as hell.
  30. Who's The Boss
  31. Highway To Heaven
  32. Full House Gotta love Bob Saget
  33. Duck Dodgers one of the few current children's cartoon that is any good
  34. Happy Days Who could hate the fonz?
  35. That's My Bush! Coming from a Bush supporter this is alot like South Park(same guys actually make it) in that it doesn't pick sides, just funny stuff, turns the white house into a satire on sitcoms themselves.
  36. Yes Dear! Anything with Mike O'Malley in a leading role is a good thing!
  37. Spongebob Squarepants one of the few current children's cartoon that is any good
  38. House Now don't get me wrong, i hate doctor and hospital shows almost as much as i hate cop dramas and lawyer shows... but Hugh Laurie is just too amazing, the way he delivers everything is great and there really is some great writing... no bullshit here. oh yeah... omar epps is almost watchable.
Author Comments: 

In order of preference... no limit on the number i'll put on the list... these are just shows i wouldn't mind watching every episode of numerous times... Talk shows and Reality Tv not included as i don't think they are worthy of such a title as television show... they are scum!

Have you ever seen Home Improvement? What do you think of it?
P.S.: It seems that I ask this question to everybody who's listing his or her favourite TV Shows. :-)

forgot about that... will consider it... i do like it a lot... not sure if it's list material though... have to think about it.

Despite the Frasier and Friends lacking ;), this is a good list - I love Simpsons, Futurama,. Family Guy, South Park, Cheers, Seinfeld and King of Queens.

My thoughts:
The Twilight Zone- Don't shout at me now, but I have never seen it.
Seinfeld- Never seen.
Cheers- Seen once or twice.
The Venture Brothers- What's that?
South Park- I just don't like this. * (out of 5)
Crime Story - Never seen.
Looney Tunes- A classic, isn't it? ****
Family Guy- Never seen.
Full House- Just average. **
The Drew Carey Show- He?
The Simpsons- Of course. ****
Futurama- Not as good as The Simpsons.***
Home Improvement- Great! *****
House- Never heard of that.
Andy Griffith Show- Never seen.
Batman- Funny. ***
The Wonder Years- ****
Coach- Never seen.
Becker- Never seen.
Happy Day- Never seen.
That's My Bush- Just seen once.
King of Queens- Very good (esp. Jerry Stiller) ****
So I have not seen very much of these?

I am very happy to find Crime Story on somebody's list. Were you and I the only two people who watched this great show?

"And as we walked alone / we wondered what went wrong / that this show never was a hit..."

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

haha... funny thing is I didn't see my first episode until i caught two or three on some obscure digital cable channel 4 days ago... so i guess you were the only one who watched that great show... actually, the only reason I even decided to watch it was i remembered hearing john milius in an interview say it was his favorite tv show, and since we share many of the same favorite movies i figured it was a good idea... and it was great, dennis farina was even more amazing in the 80s...

although i bet you'll hate my next addition from the mid 80s.

And I was only 13 when the show aired. Fiddles, the only person watching the show was barely a teenager.

But yeah, Highway sorta loses me, though I don't think I hated it as much as I ignored it after a few episodes.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

whats you favourite episode / season of south park? mine is season 2 / 4 / 5. the thing with south park is that i t has great comic timming for a Cartoon, unmatched.

i don't really have a favorite season... but my favorite episode is probably the one with the ninja weapons, i've never laughed harder than when cartman sneaked naked accross that auction stage... or the "wal-mart" and "vote or die" ones from the most recent season.

What an extremely crap list.
- Joey above The Simpsons? What a fucking joke.
- The gang in Seinfeld are muich funnier than Larry David in Curb.
- Why the hell Full House is in here I'll never know.

to be honest I didn't realize the simpsons was so far down the list, i just stuck joey in the middle somewhere... I've been lazily sticking new shows in the middle lately, the center of this thing definitly needs some consideration and reordering... don't knock full house.

for my money the all the best stuff about seinfeld were due to larry david's involvement... to me seinfeld doesn't even come close, although i have to say that jason alexander might have played a better larry david than larry does... but not quite.

i was just thinking. you listed Frasier in your Least Favourite list, yet cheers is one of your faves. what's your opinon of frasier in cheers? personally i think some of frasier's finest moments were in cheers. When he was bitter with diane and losing faith in his job. Also a huge percent of him having a great character in cheers was Lilith. She was just amazing, one of the best characters of all time. Their relationship was brilliant and in the later years they really stole cheers, they were the show, IMO. whats your view of Frasier in the Cheers years?

i love frasier in cheers... he's not my favorite character but he was an essential part of the group... wouldn't have been the same without him, but a whole show, and the new writing, i just don't like the shaow frasier at all... although i'll admit i never really gave it much of a shot, maybe someday i will.

If you like Extras already, you'll be glad to know it keeps getting better! it's a truely great show. i've seen the whole series over here in UK, and it's top class stuff all round