My Favorite Stand-Up Comedians

  1. Bill Hicks(5) but I still don't buy the whole "leary is a ripoff artist" bullshit, they were friends in the same era of stand up comedy who look and sound like each other, of course they are going to have some of the same material.
  2. Larry David(2)
  3. George Carlin(4)
  4. Brian Regan(3)
  5. Denis Leary(3)
  6. Chris Rock(2)
  7. Sam Kinison(2)
  8. Rodney Dangerfield(2)
  9. Jerry Seinfeld(3)
  10. Woody Allen(2)
  11. Bill Cosby(3)
  12. Brian Posehn(2)
  13. Patrice O'Neal(2) biggest underdog to make this list, as I've hated just about every second I've heard him talk, except when he's on stage.
  14. Mitch Hedberg(3)
  15. Greg Proops(1)
  16. Bill Burr(2)
  17. David Cross(2)
  18. The Amazing Jonathan(3)
  19. Dave Attell(2)
  20. Patton Oswalt(1)
  21. Greg Giraldo(1)
  22. Louie Anderson(1)
  23. Jim Gaffigan(1)
  24. Tim Allen(1)
  25. Lewis Black(2)
  26. Richard Pryor(3)
  27. Paul Tompkins(1)
  28. Jeff Foxworthy(3)
  29. Norm McDonald(1)
  30. Dana Carvey(3)
  31. Bill Maher(1)
  32. Dave Chappelle(1)
  33. Steve Martin(1)
  34. Ted Alexandro(1)
Author Comments: 

In order of hilarious-ness

the number refers to how many shows i'm basing the decision on... never seen a live show so that is either tv, dvd, video, or cd... a zero means i've only seen bits and pieces but i really like what i see.

I was listening to my Mitch Hedberg Strategic Grill Locations CD yesterday. And I love Lewis Black.

I have that cd... it's great.

if you've never heard or seen any brian regan i highly recommend it... he's head and shoulders above any other comedic thing i've ever experienced.

Have you heard any Bill Hicks? His DVD was released recently and I think it's hilarious. If you like Denis Leary, you'll probably like Bill since alot of comedians credit Denis with stealing Bill's material after he died. If you look on the IMDB, you'll even see Bill Hicks as the uncredited writer for No Cure For Cancer.

i'll have to check him out.

Any list without Hicks is incomplete. He was untouchable.

if he is responsible for one line of leary than it seems that this list is incomplete.

Ever seen Billy Connolly perform?

nope... didn't even know he was a comedian... i don't think i've ever seen him in a comedic performance.

No female comedians?

i hate to sound like a sexist but as far as comedy goes and how relative it is, I feel i'm allowed to be... all female comedians aren't funny to me... not all but 99%... there were a few, i remember laughing a little when ellen degeneres was doing standup once, and a couple i can't remember, nothing notable.

David Cross?

david cross is great, i forgot him thanks.