My favorite quirky movies on a low budget

  • 1) Orgazmo...Yes, I confess it...I laughed hysterically throughout this Trey Parker of South Park film. I don't know, perhaps it was being raised so fundamentally, but I just found the premise a gas, and I just adore this film. I even own it. :)
  • 2) Baseketball...not up to Orgazmo, but nonetheless stupid enough to be enjoyable!
  • 3) Hell Roller...yes, this film about a serial killer in a wheelchair is poorly made, poorly acted and has a ridiculous script. I absolutely loved it. How many times can a woman get killed by a man in a wheelchair while standing next to a staircase?
  • 4) SpaceBalls: Okay, it got trashed by critics and really didn't do well at the box office. I still have wet dreams about Rick Moranis now. Hehe :)
  • 5) High School Confidential, Toxic Avengers 1 and 2, and most of the Troma Releases. I worked as a movie critic for a couple years. During this time, I became quite fond of these films. I still rent them whenever possible. Fave Troma releases should probably be another list one of these days.
  • 6) Ed Wood Films: See #5. :)
  • 7) The Coneheads: This truly sucked, but I find myself watching it time and again.
  • 8) Hmmmm...This could include several SNL films, eh? How about "Stuart Saves the Family". I must confess I didn't think this one was that bad. I thought it was very underrated, and I truly loved Al Franken.
  • 9) I'm Pat...Now, this one was bad! Once again, I'm drawn to it, though.
  • 10) Superstar, hmmmmm....okay, I confess I am only drawn to it because of the catholic schoolgirl uniform. Yeah, it works!
  • 11) Of course, Rocky Horror Picture Show...It's a classic...though, I have never figured out the point of a video of it. I simply must see it live, and well, probably should be at least mildly under the influence.
  • 12) Metropolitan, a Whit Stillman film that got pretty darn good reviews. I enjoyed it tremendously...Just watched it again last night. Wasn't as fond of the follow-up "Last Days of Disco."
  • 13) Punch-Drunk Love: Barely qualifies, but it is a lower budget film, definitely quirky and a film I adored.
  • 14) Secretary is a stunning film featuring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal's portrayal here is just heartbreaking and wonderful.
Author Comments: 

I know for a fact there are many others out there...movies that for a variety of reasons we are drawn to...and it makes no sense whatsoever.

There are several other lists here like this. Most of them are called "Guilty Pleasures". You can use the Search page to find them.

If you liked the TOXIC AVENGER movies, you'll love a little New Zealand made schlocker called DEAD-ALIVE (original title: BRAINDEAD).

how about "cannibal the musical"? still troma, still stupid, but the first 30 minutes are worth sticking through the rest. no?

i had to sit through it twice to really get into it...definitely wasn't into it the first time. Hmmmm...I'll have to ponder this one. :0

How 'bout El Mariachi? Too much critical acclaim to count as "quirky"? You won't find a much smaller budget!

I've heard good things about "El Mariachi", but have never seen it. I'm sure it would qualify for the list. :0

I've seen a couple small wonders lately...God's Army is about the Mormon Church and their missionaries...a very beautiful film. I also have fallen in love with a Frank Whaley film...the title is something like "Gone to Coney Island, Be Back by Five"...wonderful film about mental illness, friendship...powerful!

Spaceballs is great!