My Favorite Movies of All Time 70 to 61(Kinda copying spencer)

  • 61.Gangs of New York (2002)Very grand movie here that Scorsese brings to the table here. Daniel D. Lewis is the real bright point in this movie, but the story is good as well, and Leo does enough so that I did not notice him that much. The supporting cast, which is fairly large, is solid here rounding out the movie rather well. My favorite part here is the fight between Lewis and Leo at the end. A-
  • 62.CaddyShack (1980) This movie makes me laugh my a$$ off. The humor here is just great all the way around, lead by Murray and Chase. I'm not really sure what to say other than that its really really funny, and not gross out funny like the American Pies of today.A-
  • 63.Heat (1995)This is my favorite bank robber movie. Its got its own style to it, mainly brought by the actors. One of DeNiro's and Pacino's better movies in the 90's and Val Kilmer dos a superb job here as well. A younger Natile portman has one of her better roles here too. B+
  • 64.Swingers (1996)This movie is one of the funnier that was made in teh 90's. The dialogue and the acting here is what makes this so funny and so good. Vince Vaughn does a good job of being the smart-mouthed, smooth, friend, while Favreau does what he does best by playing himself. Sad to say but this is one of Heather Graham's better movies and shes not in it a whole bunch. I don't know why thats sad though... A-
  • 65.Akira (1988)This was one of the first animes that I ever saw, and the visuals were unreal at the time, and they still hold up today. The story goes fast and is vague, but I mean it was taken from a 1000 page comic book, so I give the plot a little room to breath here. Favortie part si teh bikes racing in the begining. A-
  • 66.Batman (1989)This is the only American comic book t movie apadtation that is on this list. Keaton is by far teh best Wayne/Batman there has been sor far, and while the story is not teh truest to its roots, it still seems to work. What really gets me is the mood and the look of this movie. Very dark, gothic, and not exactly real looking. O, forgot that Jack Nichilson is great as the Joker here, didn't want to leave him out. B+
  • 67.Gremlins (1984)Not the greatest movie ever, but I have it here for some good reasons. One is that it still is funny to me, even after all these years. The effects are pretty good for its time, and the movie remains clever and does not take ti slef to seriuosly. Not the best, but it still holds value. B
  • 68.Tigerland (2001)This is my favorite movie with Colin Farrel in it, but that doesn't exactly say much. Solid acting all around here by the cast, and this is one of hte good Nam movies(not that there seems to be any bad ones), and yet it does not even reach the place. The plot is not fantastic but the character acting is, that is why I enjoyed it so much.B+
  • 69.Dr. Strangelove (1964)First off let me say that I do not connect well with older movies for some reason. I saw this for my film class back in teh fall of 2003. I thoguth Peter Sellers did a great job with his three characters, he was my favortie part of the movie by far. Not my favorite Kubrick movie, but hey it is on this list none the less.B+
  • 70.Clerks(1994)For a movie that was made for just 27,000 dollars this was pretty damn good. Its got some good laughs and the acting is OK at times, but I would like this movie for the one scenewhere they talk about the Death Star. Kevins Smith's other movies don't really wow me too much, but this one hit me the right way somehow. B+
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starting to put reviews of my favorites movies up...I know that your gripping the edge of your seat...

Nice List, better than most of mine that are this long (or short depending on your pov).
Willow though a fun movie is far from one of the best I've ever seen, its almost like Lucas took his characters from the original starwars movies and transplanted them into a lord of the rings like setting and that's williow, some of it works most of it doesn't still I admit it is fun to watch. Legend was made in 1979 I think not sure though, the director's cut floating around on dvd now is easily a better film than the American theatercial cut, nevertheless its an far from a great movie.

Interesting that you think that Lucas just took his characters from StarWars and put them in a different setting. Could you give me some comparisons between the characters? And Legend was made in 1985 according to And I have seen the director's cut and it is very good.

Updates my list from a measly 25 to 40, pretty soon it will be up to 100.

JoeGraham I think that you just post these critically acclaimed movies just to sound sophisticated. I guess thats what guys like you have to do. I heard you telling a bunch of people at a party that Kangaroo Jack was your favorite movie.

Top 15 Movies of All Time

1. Death to Smoochy
2. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
3. Little Nicky
4. Lake Placid
5. Mars Attacks
6. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
7. Who's Harry Crumb
8. Jingle All the Way
9. Head of State
10. The Egg and I
11. Space Jam
12. Ladybugs
13. The Addams Family Values
14. Street Fighter
15. Air Force One

Nice to see Grave of the Fireflies make the grade. I only recently saw that movie for the first time and was quite stunned by it.

Same here. I liked it because it was out of the ordinary from regular animes.

Do you honestly think Reservoir Dogs is better than The Godfather?

I know this question wasn't directed at me, but what the heck, I'll chime in with a "yup!". :-) It's long been a critical failing of mine that I haven't cared much for The Godfather or Marlon Brando (exception: A Streetcar Named Desire). Godfather II, on the other hand...

Hmm... it might be tougher for me to pick one, but I don't think it's that audacious a thought that "Reservoir Dogs" tops "Godfather." Both are great movies, in my opinion.

Akira isn't all that great of a movie and the plot holes in the story are only filled by the wonderful visuals afforded to us by the wonderful artists who made Akira.
Willow and Batman? Come on Joe....
Crimson Rivers and South Park????
Apt Pupil?
I don't understand why you think these movies are good or deserving of a place in your top movies of all time, rethink them, they don't fit.

I forgot that you are the one who knows what goes on in my mind. Yes Akira has plot holes, but shouldn't it since it was origanlly a 1000 plus page comic book? Willow? Yes my young padawan, Willow is on my lsit and will allways be. As for Gremlins, well thats a joke. South Park is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen so it will always be a favorite. Crimson Rivers is off the list now after I watched it a second time. Batman........yes it will stay as well because it is my favorite of the 4, hopefully Christain Bale can prove me wrong. And to Dave, yes I find Resevoir Dogs better than the Godfather. But this is all just a persoanl preference.

Wow, another high ranking for 25th Hour. I must admit, I semi-unconsciously wrote Spike Lee off as having peaked quite some time ago. I may have to check this one out though. I think I recall it got mixed reviews on release, but it seems to be faring pretty well here.

Great start! I'm looking forward to the rest of this series (even if I am one of only three people on the planet that didn't like Heat :-).