My Favorite Humor-Section Books

  • The Letters From a Nut series - These may be some of the funniest non-novels ever written. It's just this guy (probably Jerry Seinfeld) under the pseudonym Ted L. Nancy writing the most ridiculous letters to various places. The weird things he asks are hilarious, and so are the replies.
  • Anything by Dave Barry - Dave Barry is one of the funniest writers in America. I love everything he's written, from the collections of his columns (like "Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus") to his non-fiction humor books (like "Dave Barry in Cyberspace") to his novel, "Big Trouble", now a major motion picture starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo (which was pretty good, but doesn't compare to the book).
  • SeinLanguage by Jerry Seinfeld - I like hearing Seinfeld say his random rantings more, but this collection of them is also very funny and insightful.
  • Everything and a Kite by Ray Romano - I'm actually not a huge fan of his sitcom, but I loved this book. Interesting, since I believe there's a credit on "Everybody Loves Raymond" saying "Based on the comedy of Ray Romano." Weird. Anyway, this book is touching and insightful, yet one of the funniest books I've ever read.
  • Naked Pictures of Famous People by Jon Stewart - Very uneven, but the good essays are absolutely hysterical. I love "The Daily Show" and this book stays in the same vein.
  • Any book comprising top 10 lists from "Late Night With David Letterman" - I actually hate the show. The top 10 lists are the only thing I like about it. The books rock.
  • Without Feathers by Woody Allen - This is when before Allen became philosophical, and boy is this book random. It's humorously bizarre. Sample: "A man awakens to find his parrot has been made Secretary of Agriculture. He is consumed with jealousy and shoots himself, but unfortunately the gun is the type with a little flag that pops out with the word 'Bang' on it. The flag pokes his eye out, and he lives - a chastened human being who, for the first time, enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like farming or sitting on an air hose."
Author Comments: 

These aren't "legitimate" books, but they are very funny ones. I decided to separate my favorite books list because I decided it seemed too weird putting Naked Pictures of Famous People with Candide.