My Favorite Directors: Personal Rankings

  1. First Tier

  2. Sergio Leone
  3. Sam Peckinpah
  4. Luis Bunuel
  5. George Romero
  6. Stanley Kubrick
  7. Second Tier

  8. Sergio Sollima
  9. Woody Allen
  10. Sergio Corbucci
  11. John Milius
  12. Don Siegel
  13. Orson Welles
  14. Martin Scorsese
  15. John Ford
  16. Clint Eastwood
  17. Brian De Palma
  18. Igmar Bergman
  19. The Coen Brothers
  20. Quentin Tarantino
  21. David Lean
  22. Alfred Hitchcock
  23. John Huston
  24. Michelangelo Antonioni
  25. Enzo Castellari
  26. Third Tier

  27. Tobe Hooper
  28. Paul Thomas Anderson
  29. Wes Anderson
  30. John Landis
  31. Elia Kazan
  32. Wes Craven
  33. Charlie Chaplin
  34. Sidney Lumet
  35. Rob Zombie
  36. Fourth Tier

  37. Steven Spielberg
  38. John Carpenter
  39. Steven Soderbergh
  40. John Sturges
  41. Victor Fleming
  42. Cameron Crowe
  43. Spike Lee
  44. Fifth Tier

  45. David Lynch
  46. Joe Dante
  47. Delmer Daves
  48. Christopher Nolan
  49. Michael Ritchie
  50. Zach Braff
  51. Oliver Stone
  52. The Farrelly Brothers
Author Comments: 

First Tier= head and shoulders above the rest, flawless direction, flawless record, at worst have made the best of bad ideas

Second Tier= flawless direction, a mistake here or there, could not always make the best of bad ideas

Third Tier= nearly flawless direction, a mistake here or there, bad ideas are bad ideas, directoral flaws scattered among films

Fourth Tier= flawed but usually wonderful direction, a downright awful movie here or there, either cling to bad ideas or fumble occasionally with goldmines

Fifth Tier= flawed but occasionally wonderful direction, either make nearly as many awful movies as great ones or I have not seen enough for them to prove themselves(braff and lynch only apply to the latter)

i really dislike Martin Scorsese's movies. ok i liked Goodfellas quite a bit and Taxi Driver also good. but the others i just don't like, too boring. not enough style / not doing anything different.

Raging bull is my least favourite movie ever. i hate every 60hrs of it...or at least it seemed.

how you can say that raging bull does not have "enough style" is beyond me... but boring i can see... specially since "slow" doesn't seem to be the style of movie you tend to like(not meant to be condescending, i hate when people do that)... Slow just happens to be the style i like.

have you seen the color of money? I can't see why anyone could hate that movie, or the hustler for that matter, but thats not scorsese.

And i see your point, i tend to get in arguments with scorsese superfans... because he has made a lot of movies i dislike as well, he would be much higher than 7th if he had made 5 or 6 less movies... same deal with spielberg... they both really know how to shit some stinkers.

i don't mid slow, as long as it has characters i can connect with. i like a wide range of moives, i never like to diss a movie untill i have seen it. i like dramas like Midnight cowboy but can equally enjoy whacky comedies such As Dodgeball / Anchorman. but Raginig Bull didnt grab my attention at all, and it's very rare that i dont like a movie..its even more rare that i hate a movie, raging bull falls in the latter. no i haven't seen the color of money i'll put it on my queue, whats it like?

well... its a 20 years later sequel to the hustler and it's basically a pool movie where cruise shows off while newman tries to teach him how to hustle... until finally they get into a whole battle over who is better.

what was so special about Garden State-it was ok and all but the hype for that fucking movie is through the roof-it's no where as good as Lost in Translation or All about or any Woody Allen Movie-its dramticaly unsound and only works in a few scenes

To be honest it is hard to explain... but I agree that for the most part dramatically it didn't work for me... but it's just so well directed prior to the drama taking center stage that I still love it... it's even sort of a modern day surrealism attempt... a damn good one at that.