My 10 favourite Shakespeare films

  • 1.Othello (Welles)
  • 2.Throne of Blood (Kurosawa)- adaptation of Macbeth
  • 3.Titus (Taymor)
  • 4.King Lear (Kozintsev)
  • 5.Ran (Kurosawa)- adapation of King Lear
  • 6.Hamlet (Olivier)
  • 7.Henry V (Olivier)
  • 8.Prospero's Books (Greenaway)- taken from The Tempest
  • 9.Henry V (Branagh)
  • 10.Hamlet (Zeffirelli)

I haven't seen all of those but I'd like to propose...
Kiss Me Kate (Sidney)
West Side Story (Robbins & Wise)
The Lion King (Allers & Minkoff)
Hamlet (Branagh)

I must be really stupid but i'd never realised The Lion King was based on a Shakespeare play. Seems to me like a mix of several, or one i've not read.

I don't think that you're being (really) stupid (really.) Maybe it's just me but... I think that The Lion King is the tale (tail?) of an African Hamlet , only it has a happy musical ending and Elton John.

That would be part of a time-honoured tradition: taking a Shakespeare tragedy and pasting an upbeat ending on it.
Juliet: But, I'm not dead, after all!
Romeo:Then neither am I!
both: We're such happy, well-adjusted teenagers!

Of course, I could be getting fooled by the high Jeremy Irons content.

Well when you mentioned Shakespeare i must admit Hamlet was one of a few, including Macbeth, that came to mind as having some elements present.

Yeah there probably is more of Hamlet than anything else; i just didn't remember the wart hog and hyenas in the Denmark tale.

You've never heard of a warthog named Guildenstern?

No but i once saw a hyena who drank too much Bovril and made a laughing stock of himself.

My favourite is Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet.