Movies Viewed And Reviewed In 2007

  2. 1 : Beerfest (2006) [B-/71] - Steals immensely from "Baseketball" but is a much better movie. And this is blasphemy but it's so much better than the overrated "Super Troopers."
  3. 2 : The Puffy Chair (2005) [B+/82] - A brilliant work of realism that only an indie house would have put out. There is not a moment of Hollywood bulls**t in this entire film. The most real relationship film ever made!
  4. 6 : Single White Female (1992) [B/78] - I'm now actually scared of Jennifer Jason Leigh. She did crazy a little too well. Also, it was good that there was no real good guy in this. Almost everyone is either slime or crazy.
  5. 6 : Wassup Rockers (2005) [D/41] - A really bad B-grade skate video that seemed fed straight through the mind of Steve-O with a coating of Los Angeles racial and class divide study thrown in to keep it from total crap.
  6. 11 : Johnny Was (2005) [B/77] - Surprisingly good performances from what could be considered a makeshift cast. Has an extremely unexpected and powerful ending.
  7. 13 : Kids In America (2005) [C/61] - It was really hard to hate a movie with the same subject as classics like "Pump Up The Volume" but it's really hard to recommend a movie so poorly written and that relies on referencing 80s movies.
  8. 13 : The Other Sister (1999) [C/64] - Was Juliette Lewis acting like a retarded person? I couldn't tell the difference. Seriously, this movie resorts to slapstick humor a bit too much for me to take it, well, seriously.
  9. 14 : North Country (2005) [B/77] - Shoveled on the one woman against the world a little too thick. I still felt really angry and bad for her but not as much as if the movie didn't feel like it was forcing me to.
  10. 15 : Hamlet (2000) [C+/68] - A good job of substituting in modern parellels and some extra flourishes. However, I'm not sure that all of the adaptations worked, such as Hamlet's video monologues.
  11. 16 : Say Anything (1989) [B/79] - The time capsule 1980s movies because of its memorable quotes but not the best of the bunch. I think it gains a lot of nostalgia points from people.
  12. 18 : Rocky Balboa (2006) [B/78] (S) - Gave the Rocky character a depth that I didn't think could be achieved and even made the "villain" have redeeming qualities. It's Rocky as viewed through modern day eyes.
  13. 19 : The Final Cut (2004) [B+/81] - A very close to blend of inner struggle, political drama, and science fiction. So many undetones flowing here, I feel almost compelled to watch it again.
  14. 20 : Children Of Men (2006) [C-/54] (S) - Clive Owen was not a very convincing shoot-em-up hero and the movie was not a very convincing shoot-em-up distopia. Never took itself seriously enough.
  15. 22 : A Scanner Darkly (2006) [B+/80] - This movie is all sorts of dense mind screwing fun. It's unique for the fact that the worst lines are in the preview and not the best.
  16. 28 : Guys And Balls (2006) [C+/65] - I think it may have set gay stereotypes back a generation singlehandedly. The storyline, however, is a pretty heartwarming one about accepting yourself and others.
  17. 30 : Cache (2005) [B/77] - It has definitive flaws (like lingering on a lot of scenes for far too long) but it's definitely a smart, suspenseful movie that Hollywood would never make.
  19. 1 : The Holiday (2006) [C/58] (S) - In better hands it would have been such an interesting story. Jack Black is terrible in this and the other actors weren't great either (except Jude Law).
  20. 5 : Employee Of The Month (2004) [C+/66] - Some funny moments, some awful moment, some shocking moments, some intriguing moment. All tied together not as nicely as they could have been. The less you know about this movie going in, the better.
  21. 9 : Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005) [B/79] - What an amazing metaphor for relationships in general! There are some really silly "how could they not realize?" moments right from the start but it's still a comic book-esque "what if" joyride.
  22. 10 : Mystery Date (1991) [C-/51] - It was good to see Ethan Hawke used to make terrible low brow movies before he turned art house and made some good ones. It's 80s cheese past its sell by date in the 90s.
  23. 10 : Guess Who (2005) [C/56] - Ashton Kutcher was probably not the best vehicle to explore racial issues in the U.S. through. It's like he didn't quite grasp anything the movie was trying to convey.
  24. 10 : Sin City (2005) [B/77] - No matter what happened in this movie, it could never distract from the pure art of it all. Not quite a masterpiece but a violent painting with a lot of talking points.
  25. 14 : Jet Li's Fearless (2006) [B/75] - Just a really deep story muddled over by all of the conventions that have to be in a Hong Kong martial arts film - like a fight every three minutes.
  26. 15 : Borat (2006) [A-/83] (S) - This is what real satire looks like. I love that absolutely nothing, mainland European, British, or from the United States is sacred.
  27. 19 : The Departed (2006) [B+/82] - Besides a horribly paced ending done completely for shock value, this is the most suspenseful undercover film that I can remember seeing since "Donnie Brasco."
  28. 23 : The Number 23 (2007) [B-/70] (S) - A fun, pretty intriguing (albeit a bit predictable and choppy) ride until it degerates into an inane crime solving story at the end.
  29. 24 : Babel (2006) [B/78] - The Japanese story was really distracted though it did leave me wanting to know what the heck it had to do with the other three. There were some interesting comparisons in there though.
  30. 26 : American Gun (2005) [C/61] - Feels a bit disconnected but, then again, I watched it after watching "Babel" and it's a similar story. Wished it would have concentrated just on the aftermath of the school shooting.
  31. 28 : The Last King Of Scotland (2006) [B+/80] (S) - Just a warning - there is some f*cked up trippy sh*t in here (the 70s were just weird and apparently sadistic) but it's so good at depicting all sides and having its reveals at just the right time.
  32. MARCH
  33. 21: The Lives Of Others (2007) [B/77] (S) - A funny yet tense look at life in a police state. Doesn't play sides even though you can tell where its politics are.
  34. 29 : Dreamgirls (2006) [B-/71] - Wasn't nearly as awful as it could have been if Jamie Foxx had more singing parts. It was bittersweet in all the ways that a musical should be but not much more.
  35. APRIL
  36. 8 : The Namesake (2006) [B/77] (S) - Kal Penn is almost able to shed Kumar in this movie. Despite having unnecessary and even silly parts, this film still chokes me up whenever I think about it. It's that sad.
  37. 10 : Night At The Museum (2006) [D/41] - I feel like this movie has been done hundreds of times. And none of the huge stars in this film are used to their full potential in their dumbed down for kids parts.
  38. 10 : Fast Food Nation (2006) [B-/72] - In the interest of telling so many stories to highlight all of the main points in the book, none of the characters are ever fully developed - especially judging from the lack of a true ending.
  39. 10 : Notes On A Scandal (2006) [B/78] - Judi Dench is every bit as good as her Academy Award nomination would denote. Watching this movie is actually physically sickening due to how she weaves it around her finger.
  40. 30 : A League Of Ordinary Gentlement (2004) [B/79] - Chose such a good cross section of people to interview to tell the whole story of professional bowling as it stands today. The parts with Wayne Webb are heartbreaking.
  41. MAY
  42. 2 : The Proposition (2005) [B-/73] - Has some of the same unnecessary fluff of every first time screenwriter but it is a unique vision of the western. Every time there was whispering poetic narration, it lost about 1/10th of a star.
  43. 3 : Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We'll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren (2005) [D/41] - Starts out with a really good central premise - the irony of the right - and then just goes off willy-nilly in all sorts of wrong directions (i.e. following along the anti-corporate preacher).
  44. 6 : Zoolander (2001) [D+/47] - It's like the only direction that Ben Stiller gave any of the actors and actresses in this movie was - "be as annoying as possible and whatever you do, don't be funny." A roaring success there!
  45. 8 : Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989) [B/79] - Ventures outside of the normal Allen themes into something so rich and meaningful that I was taken aback (and I hate most Woody Allen movies). Though it's not the least bit funny.
  46. 9 : American Grafitti (1973) [B/76] - This movie is so well crafted and the dialog is so good that I can't believe George Lucas actually wrote this. The whole thing must be a lie.
  47. 13 : Once In A Lifetime (2006) [A-/84] - Actually brought me to tears thinking about what could have been and what actually was. Screw the Vancouver Whitecaps!
  48. 19 : Gossip (2000) [C/63] - Worth seeing because it contains one of the biggest douchebag characters in recent memory. Though some of the cinematic touches make this a really bad movie.
  49. 20 : The Proposition (2005) [C+/67] - Has some of the same unnecessary fluff of every first time screenwriter but it is a unique vision of the western. Every time there was whispering poetic narration, it lost about 1/10th of a star.
  50. 23 : Death In Gaza (2004) [B-/74] - Hits its full stride about halfway through. It's really hard to like this movie as there's no hope of redemption in this harsh reality.
  51. 24 : For Your Consideration (2006) [D/42] - Christopher Guest jumped the sharks on this one. It must have been screened only in front of his friends because that seems to be who it was made for.
  52. 24 : The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006) [B-/71] - Will Smith must have worked out for months to do as much running as he did in this film. It was like Tom Cruise quality running.
  53. 29 : Jesus Camp (2006) [B/76] - Lets the story tell itself instead of getting all up in people's faces. Too bad the subjects can't do that.
  54. JUNE
  55. 3 : Letters From Iwo Jima (2007) [B-/72] - Flags is so much better. This had some very poignant moments as well but the narrative structure was just too linear in this one.
  56. 6 : 300 (2007) [B/75] (S) - Hard not to dismiss it as violence for the sake of violence if you dismiss the history behind it. The Spartans were a perfect choice for anti-heroes.
  57. 8 : Must Love Dogs (2005) [C-/52] - Too many metaphors makes for too much pain. Does almost get a third star for John Cusack.
  58. 9 : Blood Diamond (2006) [C+/66] - As could almost be expected, it covers every little aspect of the diamond trade and doesn't really tie it together nicely. It's really a lot of running and screaming, but it's got heart.
  59. 10 : Tenacious D In: The Pick Of Destiny (2006) [D+/47] - Jack Black is let free to annoy the crap out of me. While there are some funny bits, there's really only one joke in this entire movie. And that's Jack Black.
  60. 22 : American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006) [C/63] (+) - There's always just enough heart in every movie in these series to make them worthwhile. This one was just a bit one character central.
  61. 22 : Half Nelson (2006) [C+/68] - Just creepy enough to make it compelling without being downright wrong.
  62. 25 : Lucky You (2007) [D+/45] (S) - The only thing that saved this movie from disaster was an end that breaks the mold. The rest of this movie is cliche after cliche. Worst poker movie ever!
  63. 26 : Once (2006) [B/76] (S) - There wasn't enough actual plot between the music and the music didn't advance the story. Still, this is a positively breathtaking, touching cinematic shining moment.
  64. 29 : This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006) [B/78] - The first documentary I've seen in a long time that actually shocked me. And it was funny to boot.
  65. JULY
  66. 1 : Die Hard (1988) [B/75] - As the last person on Earth to see this movie, can I just say, "wow, I can't believe it took me so long." I love how funny this movie is!
  67. 2 : Blowback (2000) [C-/54] - Such an interesting idea (though I'm sure one used in many plots before) but such awful execution. The acting is beyond B-movie bad.
  68. 5 : Benny And Joon (1993) [B-/73] - Definitely lost some of the magic that it had when I was 18 and couldn't tell bad acting but it's still a collection of positively mystical moments.
  69. 8 : Hot Fuzz (2007) [B/77] (S) - Unexpectedly violent but I guess that can be expected from the "Shaun Of The Dead" crew. There is some absolutely brilliant over the top humor.
  70. 9 : Reno 911!: Miami (2007) [D+/45] - Some good bits here and there (like the hotel window scene) but in general it just couldn't keep up the funny like the T.V. show does.
  71. 11 : Sicko (2007) [B+/80] (S) - Best Moore film since Columbine. Though it's hard to laugh at points through all the misery.
  72. 15 : Ghost Rider (2007) [D/41] - The director only had one camera angle and it's the one of the cover of the box. There isn't really a story here except for the typical video game setup.
  73. 17 : The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada (2005) [B-/74] - A few too many "Weekend At Bernie's" moments to be in totally good taste. I wish there had been a lot more character development as well.
  74. 19 : Knocked Up (2007) [C+/68] (S) - The tone of the movie itself was real and genuine and there were a lot of funny moments. Still, there were times when the movie just crossed the line into dumb, pointless, overused jokes.
  75. 21 : Young Frankenstein (1974) [B-/70] - Just wasn't as funny as I was told it was going to be. I was expecting "Airplane" gag a minute stuff and this wasn't it. Still some really funny bits abound.
  76. 24 : Conventioneers (2005) [B+/80] - Totally worth the two years of waiting for Netflix to get it! A real film about real choices and how deeply ingrained politics has gotten in this country.
  77. 25 : Bridge To Terabithia (2007) [C+/67] - The effects were pretty silly and distracting but the realist story was wonderful. I still cried like I did when I read the book more than 20 years ago.
  78. 29 : Apocalypto (2006) [C-/54] - I almost lost it when he was running with the puma because the whole thing to me just degenerated into a farce for me at that point. I appreciate what Mel was trying, it just didn't work for me.
  79. 30 : A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (2006) [C/58] - I kept waiting for the actual film to start and it never did. Possibly the worst use of flashback in movie history. Too bad because there are some good performances.
  80. AUGUST
  81. 8 : The Notorious Betty Page (2006) [C+/67] - Made me understand what all the fuss about this woman is about. Gretchen Mol does give a good performance.
  82. 12 : Turistas (2006) [C/63] - Do not watch this movie if you're claustrophobic or afraid of water. In general, the characters are a bit stupid (and stereotypical by nationality) but it is suspenseful.
  83. 14 : Mazes And Monsters (1982) [C-/54] - It's not that awful. It's just really poorly made. As an exploitation piece, it's pretty par for the course. Though there are way too many sidetracks in the story (like in a maze).
  84. 16 : Ushpizin (2005) [B/76] - While it was a little bit heavy-handed in its religious overtones (though that was the point), it is a good story of redemption. I only wish the main characters won or lost more in this redemption.
  85. 17 : Idiocracy (2005) [B/78] - This movie, just like "Beavis And Butthead" has a really big brain beneath its gruff exterior. It's actually a better distopian vision than most sci-fi movies.
  86. 19 : Ask The Dust (2006) [C+/68] - To a certain extent, the dialog felt closer to the male/female banter of old film than anything I've seen in ages. But somehow that just made me angry that the movie wasn't more.
  88. 13 : Black Snake Moan (2007) [B/75] - There were a few too many unresolved storylines but it is a fascinating portrayal of life and culture.
  89. 17 : 21 Up (1977) [A-/83] (TV) - This is where it really starts getting good - where you can really see how the characters and alike and different than their seven year old selves. Leaves you wanting more!
  90. 18 : 28 Up (1985) [B+/80] (TV) - The interest level in the stories has really varied by this point. It's as though the East End girls were almost abandoned and some others are lessened. But this movie is worth it just for Neil.
  91. 19 : Free To Be You And Me (1974) [B+/81] (TV) - Some might consider this movie to be liberal brainwashing but every song is a heart rending affirmation of life. Or at least life as people saw it in the 1970s.
  92. 22 : Before The Fall (2005) [C+/65] - I wish the internal conflict would have started earlier. While the main character's humanity is rarely in doubt, his change is a bit.
  93. 22 : 3:10 To Yuma (2007) [B-/71] (S) - A set of characters with deep emotions but some really distracting archetypes. The first half was actually sort of silly but the second half was gripping.
  94. 22 : Superbad (2007) [B/77] (S) - Almost four stars. The funniest, most random movie in quite some time and despite the fact that it's just a caper movie it really flowed well.
  95. 23 : Suicide Kings (1997) [C+/67] - I think I sort of missed how the ending started but it's still a great "who's the rat" movie. And of course Christopher Walken is perfect as always.
  96. 26 : The Legend Of Bhagat Singh (2002) [B-/72] - Sort of a boring biopic for much of the movie before it hits a fever pitch at the end. The songs may have been the saddest Bollywood film ever.
  97. 27 : Fitzcarraldo (1982) [B/77] - I found it so slow paced at times that it took two sitting to watch it. But taken as a whole, it is so inspiring. He moved a boat up a friggin' mountain!
  98. 28 : Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2005) [B-/74] - Actually made me interested in the life story of mumbles the gangsta clown. Really captures a certain inner city feel without being too cliche.
  99. 29 : Chivas USA: Si, Se Puede (2005) [C+/65] - While it sometimes goes into a fluff piece, it is an interesting behind the scenes look at expansion franchises in general. Wish it didn't stop with the first MLS game though.
  100. OCTOBER
  101. 2 : 35 Up (1991) [B/77] (TV) - I really missed the absent participants and how no effort was even made to connect them. Also, it could have used a reunion like a couple of the others.
  102. 8 : Four Brothers (2005) [C-/55] - Just a pretty typical shoot-em-up despite how the director tries to shift the focus to the family dynamic. Some of it is downright cheesy.
  103. 9 : 42 Up (1998) [B/75] (TV) - Does get a bit redundant by this point. Neil, as always, saves the day. I don't know what would have happened to this series without him.
  104. 10 : [CIFF] On The Wings Of Dreams (2007) [B-/73] (S) - It's a good moralist story but has absolutely no meat. So simple it hurts.
  105. 10 : [CIFF] Savior's Square (2006) [B+/81] (S) - An absolutely shocking film of immense weight. Ewa Wenchel gives a Judi Dench in "Notes On A Scandal" performance.
  106. 12 : [CIFF] The Age Of Ignorance (2007) [B/77] (S) - Vastly entertaining with a humor and satirical wit (and a recognizable distopia). However, it's a bit matter of fact and lacks the emotion punch of "The Barbarian Invasions."
  107. 13 : [CIFF] Blackout (2007) [B+/80] (S) - Not quite "Do The Right Thing" which it greatly resembles but doesn't quite live up to but a very good portrait of society breaking down in crisis.
  108. 15 : [CIFF] Andalucia (2007) [D/37] (S) - This is why I hate French films. No plot, silly symbolism, and random dialogue about nothing in the middle of scenes.
  109. 16 : [CIFF] Control (2007) [C-/54] (S) - We get it Anton, you're a music video director. Seriously, though, 11 or 12 songs performed live is excessive. A movie that depends too much on style and on being a Joy Division fan.
  110. 17 : Train Man: Densha Otoko (2005) [B+/82] - Takes a bit of time to get used to how the movie is presented and it's an awkward ride. But one of the most beautiful awkward rides ever. A geek love classic!
  111. 18 : Slither (2006) [C+/68] - Not as gross or as funny as I had been led to believe. Still a pretty fun movie that's not incredibly scary and really campy. A b-movie with an a-movie budget.
  112. 19 : Fighter (2001) [B+/81] - The best stories anyone's grandfather ever told don't hold a candle to this documentary. This film works on so many levels that it's about both the people and the war and both surprise and amaze.
  113. 21 : The Decline Of The American Empire (1986) [C/58] - Amazingly smart and frank dialog throughout and absolutely no plot except for some conflict tacked on in the last 20 minutes. It's annoying, pretentious, and captivating at the same time.
  114. 23 : Jesus Of Montreal (1989) [B/78] - After the "blah, blah, blah," of "Decline of the American Empire," I worried about this film. This film, is a taut, surprisingly accessible story and despite the clothes, not dated.
  115. 24 : Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) [C-/55] - It starts out really amusing and then (literally) loses the plot. The amount of pointless Jesus fight scenes is innumerable. It's funny enough to keep it from totally sucking.
  116. 25 : Hell House (2001) [B/76] - Taking any question of theology or motive out of the picture, this is actually a good, even-handed documentary following a cultural phenomenon. It lets the events actually speak for themselves.
  117. 26 : Hostel: Part II (2007) [B-/73] - It really is vastly more interesting than the original. The delving into the minds of the members of the murder club was fascinating and actually better than the victim's story.
  118. 27 : Saw III (2006) [B+/80] - I think this might be the first horror movie that ever made me want to cry. There are some really deep undercurrents here.
  119. 28 : The Wicker Man (2006) [C+/66] - Gives new meaning to the old Sex Pistols mantra, "never trust a hippy." It's not a good movie or scary but it is possibly the creepiest film this side of "The Shining."
  120. 29 : Pan's Labyrinth (2006) [B/78] - The fairy tale was almost a distraction from the reality portion of the film (which I personally liked better). But both stand on their own quite well. I just never quite got lost in either.
  122. 10 : A Lot Like Love (2005) [B+/81] - This is too well crafted to be a romantic comedy. From premise to memorable scenes to realism, it's incredible. I'm now in love with Amanda Peet.
  123. 13 : 28 Weeks Later (2007) [B-/73] - There are a lot of bothersome chase scenes and stereotypical Americans but I'm in that small camp that likes this one better than the first. I like its scope and its "code red" character attitude.
  124. 18 : Disturbia (2007) [C+/69] - It does its job nicely. It's a suspense movie with a bit of suspense. But it's always just that step away from being a good suspense movie with some easy escapes and predictable plotlines.
  125. 26 : 49 Up (2005) [B/76] - It's really sad to be caught up on this series. This leaves it in a good place though. They third generation of the series has begun.
  127. 1 : This Is England (2006) [C+/69] - Never quite reaches the intensity of "Green Street Hooligans" but it felt more real and more gritty. Made me scared of northeast England in 1983.
  128. 3 : Fracture (2007) [B/75] - Anthony Hopkins is as scary as ever. The problem is it makes Ryan Gosling seem like an idiot who can't carry his part of the mind games.
  129. 5 : Zodiac (2007) [B+/81] - By the end, it's not even about the Zodiac Killer, it's about obsession and how the quest for justice under impossible situations can drive even the sanest, by the book, people crazy.
  130. 6 : Across The Universe (2006) [B-/74] (S) - Occasionally it felt like the producers ran out of budget and the second act is mostly surralist nonesense. Still, it ends up being an absolutely mind-blowing experience rarely seen on screen.
  131. 8 : Ocean's Thirteen (2007) [C+/66] - I think it would have helped if I had seen "Ocean's 12" more recently. It felt like being dropped into a really unfamiliar place where you're supposed to already know everybody.
  132. 11 : Save The Green Planet (2005) [B-/70] - This movie felt really epic even though it was squeezed into a relatively small time frame. There are so many twists, turns, and confusions that it lives unto itself.
  133. 12 : The Good Shepherd (2006) [B/78] - This is almost a documentary as much as a thriller. I found it more exciting than most biopics with all of its little subtleties about the spy game (with barely a shot fired).
  134. 14 : Breach (2007) [C/63] - There isn't a lot of suspense. There's a lot of trickery and a lot of drudgery. But it never turned that corner where you actually feared or feared for any character.
  135. 16 : Bug (2006) [D+/46] - Not all descent into madness movies are created alike. This one made logical leaps (or illogical ones) that made you question if the characters were even thought out in advance.
  136. 18 : Amazing Grace (2006) [B-/74] - Takes a long time to get going and then just suddenly bolts into a great film. Sometimes the flashbacks were just plain confusing as to what time they were set in.
  137. 19 : Evan Almighty (2006) [D+/44] - Steve Carrell just becomes annoying after half an hour since his entire act is screaming. Not even Morgan Freeman can save this not funny trainwreck.
  138. 20 : Lars And The Real Girl (2007) [B/78] (S) - It's a lot like "The Straight Story" but with a blow up sex doll. The way the subject is treated is actually heartwarming and somewhat heartbreaking.
  139. 21 : Music And Lyrics (2006) [B/75] - Truly great in the way of old musicals. Every character has their own theme. And there really is chemistry with the two leads.
  140. 22 : American Dreamz (2006) [C-/52] - This movie is what happens when good ideas for satire are executed incredibly poorly and the very things supposed to be satirized seem entirely unrealistic.
  141. 23 : The Simpsons Movie (2007) [B-/74] - It has a cohesive plot and it's funnier than anything on the TV show for about the last five season. It's even slightly topical but satire has really passed The Simpson by.
  142. 24 : Unknown White Male (2005) [B-/72] - Asks some really interesting questions about identity in a powerful way. There's just not much tension as it's so matter of fact about such a life changing experience.
  143. 25 : Miracle On 34th Street (1947) [B+/81] - Such a wonderful, timeless story with themes that sadly still ring true today. I love that there's no easy solutions out of the messes as well.
  144. 27 : Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) [B+/82] - Bean was so unlikeable in the first movie that I feared watching this one. But this Bean is funny, good hearted, and doing what he does best, just getting into wacky serialic trouble.
  145. 29 : Welcome To The Dollhouse (1996) [B/76] - This feels like a movie about how serial killers are made. It's greatest strength is its greatest weakness though. There's so little hope in its realism that there not much of a plotline.
  146. 30 : Meet The Robinsons (2007) [C+/66] - The Robinsons are possibly the most annoying family in history. But the end of this movie once the plot pieces string together make it more than worth the suffering.
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[CIFF] = Chicago International Film Festival

Clive owen wasn't very convincing as a shoot-em-up hero...

shit..then you can't be happy with this Shoot em' up lol :)

i'm glad you enjoyed once in a lifetime, great documentary

Glad to see some reviews from CIFF.

Had heard such good things about Control, but now you're giving me pause.

I'm really looking forward to Age of Ignorance, since I've enjoyed just about everything I've seen by director Arcand.

I think I may be in a huge minority on "Control." I have a couple of contacts on flickr who saw it and loved it. And it won best screenplay at the festival so maybe I was just in a bad mood.