Movies Seen in 2004

  1. A+

  2. Royal Tenebaums
  3. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
  4. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
  5. Ghost World
  6. True Romance
  7. Adaptation.
  8. Elf
  9. The Godfather
  10. Shaun Of The Dead
  11. Office Space
  12. Fight Club
  13. Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  14. Reality Bites
  15. Spider-Man 2 [R]
  16. Sexy Beast
  17. Midnight Cowboy
  18. Pulp Fiction
  19. Pieces Of April
  20. Rushmore
  21. Bottle Rocket
  22. Donnie Darko
  23. Stand By Me
  24. The Pallbearer
  25. Dog Day Afternoon
  26. School of Rock
  27. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  28. The Philadelphia Story - I was Expecting to like this but overall be a bit bored by it. i was pleasantly suprised by what was a clever, quirky and sharp witted film. Here you have lots of great characters, some sterotypes they may be but this is taken with tongue and cheek that from a 40's movie i wasn't expcting. From the start when we see Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant's Fight, you get the idea that this isn't taking itself seriously, this though is probably the only kind of "Slap Stick" humour used, as through out the rest, you have a clever, sly and sarcastic style that i just loved. i loved the way that James Stewart's Character in a way unknowingly out smarts and steals the girl from the other 2 main characters fro a brief moment. i also loved the way that Cary grant at tmies, it seemed like he knew that it was all going to work out, and that he kind of enjoyed watchnig Hepburn's Character fall in and out of love with the other 2 and he enjoyed the attempts of the other 2 because its like he knew it was gonig to be him inhe end, like he could relax and enjoy the wait, that was great! So to conclude i have to say that i really really enjoyed this. it had the humour i like and i wasn't expecting it too be like that. i thought it would be a very Straight down the line love story, but what you get is a quirky, slightly off the wall look, great characters, mixed with great sense humour and a sort of ease. Not only is a great film, it is one of the funniest, see it now.
  29. A

  30. Lost In Translation
  31. The Incredibles
  32. The Ladykillers
  33. Raising Arizona
  34. Akira
  35. Annie Hall
  36. About A Boy
  37. Scarface
  38. Reservoir Dogs
  39. Monty Phyphon: Life of brian
  40. Grosse Pointe Blank
  41. Good Morning Vietnam
  42. A-

  43. Shrek 2
  44. The Graduate
  45. Shawshank Redemption
  46. Ed Wood
  47. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  48. The Deer Hunter
  49. Silence Of The Lambs
  50. Zero Effect -This movie has the popular culture vibe of Reality Bites mixed with the Intelligence and dark humour of Fargo and Jackie Brown. Bill Pullman shines in this, i thought i'd like ben stiller's character better but i didn't but don't get me wrong, ben was great but bill pullman is the star here. his character has a great easy going nice guy quality that really works, though his character has two sides to him, which is kind of the selling point of the movie, he when is working is smooth and clever, though when he's not working he is goofy and lazy, and this makes the character so much more appealing. but also the way that though he is different in his outside of work life, its the littlethings that he carries over that make it funny. like his attention to detail, he uses that outside work aswell which makes for some very funny moments. this movie is a great drama aswell, the case they are trying to solve is a greta story and is well put on the screen. one of my favourite moments is when ben stiller's character just leaves the motel where he is staying and meets the client Gregory Stark. here ben stiller gives one of his greatest lines, after Mr.Stark has been pestering Ben's Character for a while he says this very funny line, in true ben style: "I'll shoot you. Really, I will. I have a gun and everything" this is one of the great comedy moments in this movie. all in all this is a great watch, its clever, funny and has a style too it. too me its a cross between the brilliant Reality Bites and the Modern classic, Fargo. the only reason that this just (and i mean JUST) misses out on The A Mark is there is alot to take in with the story, alto fo twists and details that need to be heard and sometimes that takes away from it but in all that is where the comedy comes from, from Bill Pullman's Attention to detail and his quirky ways of figuring out life and finishing the job. Great movie, thx Jim.
  51. B+

  52. Goodfellas
  53. Five Easy Pieces
  54. Badlands
  55. As Good As It Gets
  56. Se7en
  57. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  58. The Shining
  59. Battle royale
  60. Kill Bill Volume 1
  61. The Big Lebowski
  62. B

  63. Garden State
  64. Dodgeball: True underdog Story
  65. Punch-Drunk Love
  66. The Godfather Part II
  67. From Dusk Till Dawn
  68. 187
  69. Dumb & Dumberer:Whewn Harry Met LLoyd
  70. Airheads
  71. Easy Rider
  72. Analyze This
  73. Fahrenheit 9/11
  74. Me Myself and Irene
  75. Finding Nemo
  76. Theres Something about mary
  77. This is Spinal Tap
  78. Fargo
  79. Being John Malkovich
  80. Jackie brown
  81. Road Kill (AKA - JOY RIDE)
  82. The Thing
  83. Kingpin
  84. B-

  85. Starksy & Hutch
  86. I,Robot
  87. Spider-man: The Peril of Doc Ock * (Short)
  88. Bubble boy
  89. The Usual Suspects
  90. Unbreakable
  91. Donnie Brasco
  92. The Untouchables
  93. The Game
  94. Dragnet
  95. Nikita
  96. High Fidelity
  97. Carlitos Way
  98. About Schmidt
  99. C+

  100. Godsend
  101. The Innocents
  102. The Village
  103. Raiders of The Lost Ark
  104. Crazy/Beautiful
  105. Alien 3
  106. Evil Woman
  107. Jaws
  108. signs
  109. Lord Of The Rings: Return of the king
  110. Taxi Driver
  111. Bruce Almighty
  112. C

  113. Kill Bill: Volume 2
  114. Waterboy
  115. The Country Bears
  116. Anger managment
  117. The Cable Guy
  118. Terminator 3
  119. Bad Company
  120. Changing Lanes
  121. C-

  122. Star Trek: Nemesis
  123. Happy Gilmore
  124. Jeepers Creepers
  125. Jeepers Creepers 2
  126. D+

  127. King Kong
  128. D

  129. Raging Bull
  130. The Panic In Needle Park
  131. The Day After Tommorrow
  132. Reign Of Fire
  133. D-

  134. Alien Vs Predator
  135. F

  136. Ghost In The Shell

Without having seen Midnight Cowboy, I can recommend you Schlesinger's brilliant Marathon Man, starring Dustin Hoffman and the amazing Laurence Olivier.

thans for the tip. i'll be sure to add it to my list. i really like what i've seen of dustin's films. Midnight cowboy is classic and The Graduate is just as good. i also want to see straw dogs and Rain Man.

I'd like to see Midnight Cowboy (of course), Rain Man, Kramer vs. Kramer, Tootsie and All the President's Men. So, way to go.

good luck, man! i've seen 20 mins of Kramer Vs Kramer, it was very good.

Saw Marathon Man just now, i really liked it. it was one of the best 70s movies i've seen. it was great because Dustin played it so well that you really felt for this poor guy who was stuck in the imddle of this extreme situation, woh really all he wanted was to have a nice easy life. truely a great movie! You can check my grade of it HERE