Movies I Wish More Listologists Would See

  1. Pixote (1981)
  2. Napoleon (1927)
  3. Floating Weeds (1959)
  4. Day For Night (1973)
  5. Bob the Gambler (1955)
  6. Bloody Sunday (2002)
  7. Pickpocket (1959)
  8. The Burmese Harp (1956)
  9. Mother and Son (1997)
Author Comments: 

This is a list of the very few films that I think are masterpieces but that fewer than 15 Listologists have seen (to my knowledge). And man, those 'seen of ____' makes this list difficult to maintain since I have to check each list to see whether a movie is seen or not (also, some titles are hiding under 'haven't seen yet' on yearly lists).

Of these I've only seen Man Bites Dog, The Power of One, and Searching for Bobby Fischer. I keep waffling on where to slot MBD, so pay more attention to my review than the placement. Certainly an interesting ride, even if I didn't always like where it took me.

The Power of One I remember liking, and I remember loving Searching for Bobby Fischer, although I haven't seen it since it came out.

I'll add the others to my queue once I've had a chance to look 'em up.

Interesting list

I've seen, Searching, Malena, Russian Ark, The Power Of One, And surprisingly The Hiding Place, which I'll have to list.

The power of one I disliked, Malena was OK, the hiding place was very long, Russian Ark was astonishingly beautiful and pretty confusing and Searching was great.

As for the rest, I'm interested in a few but they're not going to be seen very soon (Except for Night Must Fall and Man Bites Dog). I'm trying to catch up on the classics.



I really love the main character smashing a chair over the policeman's head while screaming over the death of his girlfriend in Power of One :-)

You loved Russian Ark! God Bless you. Whoa I think I love you now.

Not to turn away your affections, but 'love' might be a strong word for how I feel about Russian Ark. 'Respect' is probably more like it :-)

I've seen Wag the Dog - you think many others haven't? I thought it was okay, nothing outstanding, even a shade on the ho-hum side. Nice concept, but ...

p.s. have you changed this list? Jim posted about some (Bobby Fischer) that I don't see here. Am I really just losing it? wait - maybe that's why it's on the "recently updated" list. why the update?

Yes, I've updated it. I'm not sure how many have seen Wag the Dog, perhaps it doesn't belong on the list. I removed Bobby Fischer because I figured many people had seen it, but if not, I'll definitely have to re-add it, because that movie rules.

I've seen "I Stand Alone", "Man Bites Dog" and most of "The Decalogue". Wasn't too crazy about "Stand", and I remember thinking that "Dog" would have been perfect if it had ended on the chilling shot of the post-gang-rape carnage. "The Decalogue", so far, is unassailable.

Ah, cool! Rare is the Listologist who has seen three of these films! Thank you for your comments.

I wasn't sure what do think about I Stand Alone, either, but I think I liked it, and I think few people have seen it, so I put it on the list :-)

And, I thought the Decalogue films were very overrated, but still good. Not all small-budget films suffer for it, but the Decalogue films do. Also, the stories often feel like they should be 40 minutes and are stretched out to 60. Otherwise, pretty good. My favorite is #6.

I'm not sure if Freaks belongs here. Have a bunch of you already seen it?

I'm going to see it this week.

Good for you! It's great.

I saw Freaks. I enjoyed it.

I've seen:
One Week (1920) (one of my favorite Keatons!)
The Thief of Bagdad (1924) (LOVE Doug Sr.)
The Man With a Movie Camera (1929) (fascinating)
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) (two-dimensional)

Nice! Thanks for speaking up!