Movies I Use to Torture My Friends

  • I have a few movies I've bought/taped over the years that never fail to induce nausea. Usually watched on holidays with severe mocking involved!
  • 10. Sextette - 86-year old May West making leering sexual innuendos to a 26 year old Timothy Dalton (her new husband!) Will make you ill.
  • 9. Batman and Robin - Uma and Arnold. I've yet to sit through this movie in one entire sitting.
  • 8. On Deadly Ground - Seagal's directing/acting/writing masterpiece. Truly stunning in it's ineptitude. One of my favorite movies ever.
  • 7. Battlefield Earth - Waiting to spring from it's hiding place on my unsuspecting friends. Camera angles = cool action!
  • 6. Armageddon - If you even have a rudimentary knowledge of science this movie will put you over the edge. Willis is cool though.
  • 5. Can't Stop the Music - Village People + Steve Guttenberg + Bruce Jenner = jaw dropping fun. Hard to believe how poorly this was directed/acted/scripted.
  • 4. Plan 9 From Outer Space - Too much fun to be truly bad. You must scream out "Stupid! Stupid!" in your best whiney voice after viewing.
  • 3. Meet the Feebles - I have a friend who is a puppeteer. He still hasn't forgiven me for his viewing of this film. The Sodomy song is a fan favorite.
  • 2. Dolemite - The boom mike appears so often, it should be credited in the cast. The "kungfu" is as bad as the acting. Not for the faint of heart.
  • 1. Street Fighter - Sonny Chiba mugs to the camera more than humanly possible. Originally rated X for violence it compares with R movies made today. My favorite scene is the idiot who does a flying kick and flies right out the 10 story window to his death. What an imbecile.

jokow, if you have fun with the above films you should check out Forbidden Zone (1980), Dr. Caligari (1989) and Thank God It's Friday (1978)

At first i thought you meant "Freaky Friday", that Disney movie with Jodie Foster where she switches identities with her Mom. Never seen those 3. Thanks for the suggestions. The disco movie looks like those episodes of CHiPs where Leif Garret would hold some roller disco benefit concert!

OH MY GOD!!! Somebody actually remembers "Can't Stop The Music"??? I thought I was the only one who remembered this clusterf**k of a movie. And I dragged to the theatre to watch this, because my dad thought the Village People were cool...

Another film I can suggest to use to torture friends is "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", starring the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. Simply embarassing, a new low. I think this movie may have single-handledly wrecked what momentum the Bee Gees and Frampton had at the time.