Movies I thought to be pretty Over-rated

  • Office Space~ I thought it was sort-of funny, but not as nearly as funny as everyone thinks. Perhaps its because every single line that could've been funny has already been repeated to death by highschoolers everywhere. That, and Jennifer Aniston is a terrible actress. Admit it, she might be nice to look at, but she is nothing but a pretty face.
  • The Big Lewbowski~ Much like Office Space, I thought it was sort-of funny, but every just repeats the lines from this movie to death and kills it. I imagine its one fo those films you have to watch 30 times to think its hilarious, so maybe if I see it 29 more times I might laugh more than thrice.
  • High Fidelity~ I didn't like this film. It wasn't funny. I don't see anything funny about watching depressed people piss and moan about how much thier life sucks even though nothing's really wrong anf they need to get over it. The movie seemed to lack purpose, and just seemed to neander about. Jack Black is entertaining, but he couldn't save this movie.
  • Silence of the Lambs~ Not bad, but I just thought it was a glorified action movie. I would put it in the same category as Speed, or any random post-Star Wars Harrison Ford movie. It was just like those, but with a little bit twistier plot. Not much though. I enjoyed lots of things about it, but for the life of me can't see why its regarded as one of the best films of all time.
  • The Matrix~ Just not into that kind of stuff I guess. It just annoyed me.
Author Comments: 

Not terrible films, but very over-rated. before you see them people go on about them like the are the greatest things ever, then you think.....WHA?!?!?!

Argh. I love these films.

I don't love these movies, but...

  • I have yet to see any evidence that Jennifer Aniston is a terrible actress. In fact, I thought that she was quite wonderful in OFFICE SPACE.
  • I thought that HIGH FIDELITY was rather amusing, if not anything truly special. And, yes, the movie did meander about, sorta like the main characters. Don't ya think that was kind of the idea?
  • I, too, don't have any great fondness for THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, but what's wrong with glorified action movies? Nothing, in my book.
  • Jennifer Aniston is in my humble opinion an terrible actress because she is Rachel Greene. That is the only character she has every been able to act out. In all of her movies she is Rachel Greene. Maybe under a differant name, such as Polly, but she still acts like Rachel Greene in every movie and it gets old.

    High Fidelity is guess is just not my kind of flick I guess. I don't like whiny movies about whiny people who think thier life sucks when it doesn't really. And I don't like movie with old people who won't act thier age. Like Friends. By the smae that series was over, they were far too old to acting the way they did. The idea can be to neander about, but that doesn't mean its fun to watch or make me want to for that matter.

    I'm not a huge Action movie person. If its an action type flick, its got to be dripping with plot, and soaked in style. Silence of the Lambs hits both tose a little bit, but for some reason I wasn't into it. Can't really explain how I feel on this one. Its just felt like Rush Hour or something like that to me.

    Agreed on the Matrix, overhyped underentertaining mainstream trash.

    I completely agree with everything on this list... Office space and the big lebowski are both pretty good movies but not nearly as funny as people make them out to be... although the first time through is pretty amusing... not much replay on em though... high fidelity minus a few jack black moments is just dull in my opinion... and silence of the lambs and the matrix are terribly overated... the matrix is at least a decent movie but neither deserves the praise they get... absolutely hated silence of the lambs.

    Wow - from how far away can you see every joke/plot misadventure coming in Office Space? Just seen it for the first time last night and found myself thinking, in ten minutes time, that's going to happen again or the exact opposite of what the character hopes for will happen. Throughout the whole movie. And has there ever been a lead character with fewer dimensions or less charisma? Gary Cole has one line (which doesn't become funnier with repetition) and the other characters conform nicely to stereotypes. I can't believe how many people bigged up this movie. Please watch The Office (UK TV Series) for the real deal.