Movies I Loved as a Kid I'd Probably Hate Now

  • Gus the Field Goal Kicking Mule - One of the greatest sports movies ever. A donkey in a helmet kicking 80 yard field goals against Dick Butkis. Oich!
  • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - Every Sunday I'd watch an Abbott and Costello movie on TV. Were they good? I loved them all but I would hesitate to watch them now.
  • Flight of the Phoenix - I thought about this movie because I saw a trailer for a remake. Haven't seen it in 20 years.
  • The Monster Club - I remember seeing this on TV and being scared for days. After I grew up a little, I saw it again and realized it was being played for laughs and wasn't scary at all. Strange how you see things differently later in life.
  • Them - Still a good flick (I recently purchased the DVD) but not quite as scary or cool. My favorite movie as a kid.
  • PS - I also loved the craptastic Land of the Lost TV show (Chaka lives!) and had the unfortunate chance to see an episode lately. It was so bad I almost cried. Another childhood memory crushed.