Movie Quote - identify the movie!

  • 2. "I loathe the bus." SIXTEEN CANDLES ident. by TARYN
  • 3. (a REALLY challenging one, so I'll give you the actor who says it: "I leave the two of you to your destiny" - Kevin Spacey HENRY AND JUNE ident. by ntlr
  • 4. "I have crossed oceans of time to find you." BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA ident. by Antihero
  • 5. "We're nearly demented... Mr. Wilcox... I am demented." HOWARDS END ident. by ntlr
  • 6. "I wish the goblins would come and take you away - right now!" LABYRINTH ident. by TARYN
  • 7. " I hate arrogant men!" reply: "And I hate... aggressive women!" INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE ident. by bitterms
  • 8. "You play a good game boy! But now the game is finished. Now you die!" PHANTASM ident. by Az
  • 9. "I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills." OUT OF AFRICA ident. by BERTIE
  • 11. "...those two girls at the party last night. Did you, by any chance, happen to fuck them?" EYES WIDE SHUT ident. by pbrice
  • 12. "This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers." CLERKS ident. by JIM
  • 13. "Let me tell you what 'Like a Virgin's' about..." RESERVOIR DOGS ident. by JIM
  • 14. "No more fucking ABBA!" ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA: QUEEN OF THE DESERT ident. by buddapalm
  • 15. " my life's as good as an ABBA song." MURIEL'S WEDDING ident. by TARYN
  • 16. "Stupid, stupid rain!" IMPROMPTU ident. by nadine
  • 18. "A sedagive???!!!" sub. by bertie YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN ident. by sk
  • 19. "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw." sub. by taryn HEATHERS ident. by bitterms
  • 22. "Your middle name is Ralph, as in puke." sub. by taryn THE BREAKFAST CLUB ident. by bitterms
  • 23. "You're going to be alright Joan Wilder... You always were." ROMANCING THE STONE ident. by ntlr
  • 25. "It's the size of a planetoid and it has its own weather system! Looks like an orange on a toothpick!" sub. by bitterms SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER ident. by JIM
  • 26. "Everyone is born knowing every single Beatles lyric. It's ingested into the fetus along with all that amniotic stuff. Fact: they should be called 'The Fetals'." SLIDING DOORS sub. by Jim, ident. by taryn
  • 28. "It's said that behind every great man there is a great woman, and I'm glad the woman behind me is Lillian; because, quite frankly, I enjoy the shade." sub. by Jim BRAIN DONORS ident. by bertie
  • 29. "Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?" sub. by sk MONTY PYTHON AND THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL ident. by me (jenhowel) in comment to Bertie before I put it up!
  • 30. "Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure." sub. by taryn THE MATRIX ident. by jenhowell (and then everyone else!)
  • 31. "Tantra, baby!" GO ident. by lbangs
  • 34. "Oh, Mrs. Crane, you're a little monkey woman." sub. by bertie CADDYSHACK ident. by jenhowel (w. help from hints in its introduction)
  • 35. "We can't stop here... it's bat country." FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS sub. by ender22d ident. by jenhowel
Author Comments: 

I have taken off all the heretofore unidentified quotes and moved them all over to Movie Quotes Two: The Revenge. So, this list is mainly just an archive now. Take your guessing spirit over to the other list!


Nope 10 is a little lighter than that. But Out of Africa is right.

Hmm...not so sure about 10.

18. "A sedagive???!!!"

2 is definitely Sixteen Candles; 6 is Labyrinth. 15 is Muriel's Wedding; and number 4 is killing me! i know i'll think of it later...

great list idea, BTW.

some of my favorite lines are: "beautiful! gorgeous! wish you were here..."; "chicken...chicken good,"; "your middle name is Ralph, as in puke..."; "f*$# me gently with a chainsaw,"; & "what about the farewell drugs!?!?!"

happy guessing!

On behalf of jenhowel and myself, thanks for the compliment.

Truly... #4 is killing me, rattling around in my brain like a pea in a kettle.


#13 is Reservoir Dogs, and I think #12 is Clerks. #7 sounds like a line Meg Ryan would deliver, but I have no idea.

19. Heathers
22. The Breakfast Club

you're absolutely right.... too easy, huh?!

This is my personal favorite: "It's the size of a planetoid and it has it's own weather system! Looks like an orange on a toothpick!

I know it's Michael Myers, and I want so say So I Married an Ax Murderer.

Yep, my favorite line!

"No more fucking ABBA!" - Pricilla Queen of the Desert? -the buddapalm

19. Heathers?

23. Romancing the Stone

Number 18 is driving me crazy, I know I've seen it!

Damn! Of course! I knew the name "Joan Wilder" but... and it's on my list of favorites, too! Is my face red - as Satan said to Bart Simpson.

Ooh! I figured it out!

#4 is Bram Stoker's Dracula.

what a relief =)

hehehe, and #17's gotta be a Sam Raimi film starring Bruce Cambell... is it Army of Darkness?

THANK YOU for number 4!

i kept thinking that old Christopher Reeves flick Somewhere in Time, but i knew that was wrong...

good job!

Dracula absolutely right. But 17 absolutely wrong. Not many people remember this line. But the movie came out within the last five years if that helps at all.

18 is from Young Frankenstein.

Along the same line how about "Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?"

Jenhowel, here's another missing challenge.

I'm not trying to pick on you; I'd just hate for sk to think he's being ignored :-)

the only reason I haven't put it up yet, is cause I already guessed it. Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, so I thought it would be lame to put it up and say that I guessed it. But I guess I could do tha.

Key-rect, sk. I was going to add as a hint: "Put...the candle...back!" or "Blucher!"

My contributions (some obvious, but still great):

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." OR "You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is 'Never get involved in a land war in Asia', but only slightly less famous is this: 'Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line!'" OR "You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

"Even if you were my brother I'd still want to fuck you." OR "The central message of Buddhism is not 'every man for himself!'" OR "We did not lose Vietnam! It was a tie!" OR "I do, I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice, and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family, and I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time in the future."

. . . but those are too easy to be quiz-worthy. Here's a tough one: "It's said that behind every great man there is a great woman, and I'm glad the woman behind me is Lillian; because, quite frankly, I enjoy the shade."

. . . and here's one I just really like: "Everyone is born knowing every single Beatles lyric. It's ingested into the fetus along with all that amniotic stuff. Fact: they should be called 'The Fetals.'"

ooh oooh! i know the last one--(this list is turning me into the guy on Welcome Back Cotter.) it's John Hannah in Sliding Doors! he's got so many good lines in that...

Yeah, he was terrific. I'm looking forward to seeing him in something else.

me too! the only other thing i've seen him in so far is "Four Weddings and a Funeral"--in which he shows his more serious abilities (although it's supposedly a comedy).

but according to imdb's list he was in "The Hurricane" with Denzel W. and "The Mummy"--who knew? (it also says he's up for the Mummy 2, which i find a little sad...)
i recommend Four Weddings though... i'll make a point to catch some of his other work and get back to you.

The Mummy was perhaps two notches above "terrible", but only if you're in the right mood. Hannah was amusing at times, but mostly wasted. I'd really like to see 4WaaF again, as Hannah didn't really register when I first saw it.

Your 'tough one' sounds very like Groucho Marx. Am I warm?

A paradox for an answer . . . You are very warm, but it's not from a Marx Brothers movie.

After a visit to this list, I'd say BRAIN DONORS.

Wow, that wasn't tough at all! Have you seen it?

No, I happened to remember UncRoger's comment about it. I love the Bros., I've got books about them.

If you get a chance, you might want to check it out. John Turturro is excellent, as usual, and there are some very funny moments. I recently showed it to some friends, and it went over like a lead balloon, so my confidence is shot. But I laughed through most of it once it got going, and I know I'm not alone.

Turturro et al are no Marx Brothers, but it is an excellent tribute, and very funny in its own right. I think there are those who don't get the Marx brothers either.

"So you've come ... dozens of you ... like rats to a granary, like field mice when there's harvest home."

(or something like that - he kinda mutters towards the end)

And I'd bet dollars to donuts that I know who's going to correctly identify this one.

FRANKENSTEIN (the Boris Karloff version)???

oooops! Let me change that to DRACULA (the Bela Lugosi version)???

Neither the one with fangs nor the one with the stitches (unless my quote is a quote of a quote). Not a monster. But don't feel bad . . . you aren't the horse I'm betting on (gauntlet thrown :).

Hint: This line is delivered by Ian McKellen. Is is possible I would have lost the dollars-to-donuts bet?

I was on the right track! GODS AND MONSTERS ?

I regret to inform you that Gods and Monsters is incorrect. Another hint: This movie only appears in three Listology lists, contributed by two Listology authors (so somebody posted it twice).

I believe #11 is Nicole Kidman to Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

#8 - Jumanji? (Is that what the hunter says to Robin Williams at the end?)

Having read your "movies I will never watch" list, I'm afraid that you've probably never watched the movie that this quote is from!

I need another hint . . . Does this mean the specific title is on UncRoger's list, or just that it comes from a horror movie?

Hey, jenhowel! This list is more work than you expected, isn't it? :-D


Well, here's some more work for you. There are two quotes in the comments you haven't added to the list yet, and one of them's already been identified.

oh oh oh!!! Is #3 Seven?!

No, Kevin Spacey is a much more benign figure in this movie.

And #7 is Pretty Woman?

No, it's more of an action/adventure movie.

Is it Romancing the Stone?

# 16 is Impromptu with Judy Davis and Hugh Grant? I think that a really silly woman played by Emma Thompson says this. Its really a great movie, in case anyone is interested.

Is #3 Henry and June?

#5 Howards End?

Wow! You are good! Yes to both!

I own both, believe it or not! And your hints were pretty good once I checked out your lists. BTW--I'm actually ntlr and nadine, and only want to be one, so if anyone can tell me how to do that, I would be grateful-- I seem to have screwed it up! I'm feeling rather like I have split personalities

I am currently sick as a dog, but I will work on unsplitting your personality as soon as I'm feeling better.

Thank you much!

#7 is "6 Days 7 Nights". That one was killing me!

Not unless they reused the quote, which is possible because it features one of the same actors. Big hint there.

#7...umm is it star wars (han solo and princess leia) or one of the indiana jones trilogy?just first (like jim) i was SURE that it was ROMANCING THE STONE since you are mildly obsessed with that one...but apparently that's wrong....


IT'S INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE...with that german woman, and they end up kissing. That better be it, cuz if it isn't I know I'm going insane!

You are right! Yay!

here's one for ya: "Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure." (maybe it's too easy...)

dude, I already guessed it! it's the Matrix, isn't it? I'll put it up though if you want, even though I guessed it.... hmmm.... that would seem a bit self-serving. but it's a damn good quote.

jenhowel, I don't see your problem with taking part in the guessing. I participate in my Challenge List, no worries. Just because it's your list doesn't mean you can't play.

Agreed. You're doing all the work, so it only seems fair that you have a share of the fun.

How about "Send in the car. Send in the Car!"? Or, "And the quarterback is toast!" (from the same movie?)

DIE HARD. Something of a gift, UncRoger. Thanks.

Good call!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Yep. "Send in the car. Send in the Car!" is the police guy ordering the armored tank to advance. Shortly thereafter, the terrorists blow it up, and the computer guy, watching on CCTV exclaims "And the quarterback is toast!" Sorry for the delay in responding!

Totally wild guesses: Is #1 The Apostle? Leap of Faith? The 10 Commandments? How 'bout a hint?

hint #1 - It's a horror movie.

Is #1 THE EXORCIST ??? If so, I don't recall the line.

hint #2 - It's foreign, and if you saw the movie, you'd know. Making me believe that no one else on the Listology currently has probably seen it yet.

I can hear you chuckling and rubbing your hands together every time I make a wrong guess. "Look at silly bertie adding to my comment score" you think, "I'll soon catch up to him." Well I've got other plans...I...OH HELL!...WHAT AM I DOING?

a new one, if you like: "We can't stop's bat country."

Man, is that "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"? Cause I think it is. Good movie

correct. I love the first 15 minutes of's like a fever dream.

You liked it? I think the first few pages of the book (which correspond to the first 15 minutes of the movie) are exceptionally fine. The movie didn't do them justice, and I quickly lost interest in the movie after that.

31 - Is that Go? After hearing about Tantric sex from his friend, a British guy tries it with two girls.

30 - Matrix - Evil guy explaining their purpose in the matrix.

And I know I have heard 32 before. Some briefing where everything is compared to a football game (maybe?) and a participant makes that comment. I'll think about it.

I have no clue on #1. I've heard 7 and 8 before, I know it, but I can't even get close in my mind.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

HOWELL-ROO!!! i have a suggestion...i think you should add this one "coffee only, i'm diving tomorrow." do you know it already? maybe not, although i'm sure someone out there in the world of listology does...bye!

Here's a good one: "Oh cripes! Never have I seen such a serpent in a first class cabin!"

Great list! 29. is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 30. is The Matrix.

Right on 29.

Right on 30 as well!

oops--just realized lbangs got it right the day before you did. sorry grvytunes!

oops again--jenhowel got it the day i suggested it...
*note to self: read comments from the TOP DOWN...*

I have a hunch 24 is from an Adam Sandler movie. Is it THE WATERBOY?

The answer to this one's pretty hard: "I drive a Volvo. A beige one."

Unless i'm SORELY mistaken, #29 is Monty Python's Search for the Holy Graile. :)

hehehe, i should really read the last few comments before posting. ah well, my hubris has struck me down once again. ;)

Actually, this movie's more about gophers than monkeys:"Oh, Mrs Crane, you're a little monkey woman." HINT: The actor who speaks this line has an affinity for rodents - in one of his movies he kidnaps a rodent.

This has GOT to be "Caddyshack"!

It has, hasn't it. Bill Murray is one of my favorite comedians. His smirk is enough to make me laugh - he doesn't have to say a word. His face seems to say to the world, "I know something you don't know, and man is it funny."

I'll take that as a confirmation! Though a very vague one!

Is #1 from "Dogma"? I think is was the Chris Rock character...?

Nope. A hint, this movie wasn't made in America. And Uncroger wouldn't watch it.

# 8 is from Phantasm I believe...

You kick ass! I thought NO ONE was ever going to get it! good job! Are you a horror fan?

This flick is all about the Cuda, baby! (the car). Hilarious movie! I don't really consider myself a horror fan, but I'm getting more into it.

PS - I followed your link from the daily jolt

I think #33 is that movie about the giant squid... don't remember the name though.

UncRoger, would you confirm that bertie got 32 right - otherwise I don't think he's gonna get the cred.

I'm going to take a very wild guess and say that number 1 is Cemetary Man, although from some of the hints I have read, I have a bad feeling that CM is too old.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

No, though the two films are very similar in tone. The oldness of the film is not the issue, by the way. I dig Cemetary Man, and if you do, you'll love this film!

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I'm looking for the name on the movie with this quote. Some guy said to a woman "Thats all I'll be about to think about for aleast a week"

I can not seem to find the answer to this one. Where does this quote come from? Name of the movie or show ,and who said it. PLEASE!!! I'm going nuts overthis one


What movie is this from??? "It's real, you should say something."