Movie Characters I Would Marry in a Heartbeat

  1. Bess (Emily Watson) in Breaking the Waves (1996)
  2. Brandy (Brittany Daniel) in Joe Dirt (2001)
  3. Kate Reynolds (Tae Leoni) in The Family Man (2000)
  4. Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) in Amlie (2001)
  5. Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly) in Rear Window (1954)

I'll have to look a little harder for older movie characters that would make the list.

I've got three:

1. Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) in His Girl Friday
2. Nora Charles (Myrna Loy) in The Thin Man
3. Susan Vance (Kate Hepburn) in Bringing Up Baby

Okay, one more:

4. Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O'Hara) in The Quiet Man

Hmmm... okay. I think we have different tastes, though. Perhaps Nora Charles.

BTW, when I point out that we have different tastes, that's not to discourage anyone else from posting their choices! It's just to point out that we have different tastes, and that's all.

Wow! Susan Vance.

You're a man who loves life on the edge.



Oh, and how could I forget the most obvious:

Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) in Casablanca


Funny, I was going to say Richard Blaine.

...but he'd have to give up smoking (and that tramp Yvonne.)

Good call with Amelie. Me, I would marry Uma Thurman's character in "Pulp Fiction"... but I know better than to give her a foot massage.

lol, you would? I'd say that's asking for trouble (or perhaps you could say it was 'excitement')

i got one:

April (katie Holmes) Pieces of April

i jsut love that Rock / Skater chick look! :)

(oh and Avril lavigne for same reasons)

haven't seen it yet, but I know what you're talking about: I've seen the trailer. Not my style, but that look is certainly popular these days... you must be a happy fellow :-)

lol your not wrong :) hehehe... :()

Do I dare mention Anne Francis was also the ultimate virgin in "Forbidden Planet"? She'd never even been kissed before Leslie Nielson got hold of her.

Yes, I know. The point I was making is that she'd be any easy candidate to BECOME a sex toy because she was so naive and willing - "What's a bathing suit?" and the whole kissing seen.

"Next, I'll teach you 'blowjob' - the standard greeting between a man and a woman." "Okay, teach me!"

Ahh BiBi Andersson one of the most beautiful women that ever lived.