Movie Characters I Would Marry in a Heartbeat

  • 1. Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) from The Lady Eve - Funny, smart, drop dead gorgeous and those legs! What I would give for a woman to call me Hopsy and trip me as I walked by to catch me!
  • 2. Ann (Rebecca Pidgeon)from State and Main - She's the bookstore owner that Philip Seymour Hoffman and I both fall in love with. Another funny, smart, well-read woman. If Hffman is meant to be Mamet, then Ann would be his perfect woman. I agree with his choice.
  • 3. Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) from Broadcast News - She's just so perfectly cute. And the look on her face when she tells her boss how horrible it is to know everything and always be right. Priceless.
  • 4. Abby Barnes (Janeane Garofalo) from The Truth About Cats and Dogs - I know the story has been done to death with Janeane as the unnoticed plain girl, but she really makes me laugh. Maybe Uma is supposed to be the beautiful one in this movie, but to me she's not even close the the light in Janene's smile.
  • 5. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) from Almost Famous - The scene where she's dancing by herself, spinning around lost in the music, that's when I fell in love. Maybe a "band aid" isn't the type of girl you bring home, but I would have brought her home.
Author Comments: 

These are the movie characters, not the actresses themselves (though I'm sure they're very nice people).

I definitely would have to agree about Abby Barnes. I thought she was pretty in the movie.

Great list! I can't really argue about any of these. Good choices.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Just watched The Lady Eve for the first time, and I agree. Good choice. :-)

I would highly recommend other Preston Sturges flicks. Palm Beach Story and Hail the Conquering Hero are very funny. Can't beat Barbara Stanwyck though.

Thanks for the recommendations! PBS was already on my list, but I just added HtCH as well.

"Hail the Conquering Hero" is probably my favorite Sturges. But man, I haven't seen any Preston Sturges movies in a while. :-(