Most Occurrences of the Word "Fuck"

  1. Nil by Mouth 470
  2. Casino 422
  3. Another Day in Paradise 327
  4. Summer of Sam 326
  5. Twin Town 320
  6. Sweet Sixteen 313
  7. Narc 298
  8. Born on the Fourth of July 289
  9. Big Lebowski 281
  10. Tigerland 276
  11. Made 274
  12. Fubar 274
  13. Pulp Fiction 271
  14. State Property 2 270
  15. Wiseguys vs. Zombies 258
  16. Reservoir Dogs 252
  17. Jarhead 251
  18. State Property 2 248
  19. Dead Presidents 247
  20. Goodfellas 246
  21. Boondock Saints 246
  22. My Name is Joe 230
  23. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 228
  24. True Romance 225
  25. Empire 220
  26. State of Grace 210
  27. Scarface 208
  28. Suicide Kings 207
  29. American History X 205
  30. 8 Mile 200
  31. Four Rooms 193
  32. Magnolia 190
  33. Monster 189
  34. Belly 186
  35. Donnie Brasco 185
  36. Devil's Rejects 175
  37. Blue Collar 173
  38. Get Rich or Die Tryin' 170
  39. Shaft (2000) 165
  40. Hoffa 153
  41. Snatch 153
  42. Paid in Full 153
  43. Bad Santa 147
  44. Commitments 145
  45. Glengarry Glen Ross 138
  46. Domino 138
  47. South Park: BLU 133
  48. Blair Witch Project 133
  49. Harlem Nights 133
  50. Midnight Run 132
  51. Jackie Brown 131
  52. Confidence 130
  53. Platoon 130
  54. Good Will Hunting 129
  55. Cabin Fever 128
  56. Raging Bull 128
  57. Assault on Precint 13 127
  58. Gigli 123
  59. Phone Booth 122
  60. Chasing Amy 121
  61. Training Day 121
  62. Dogma 120
  63. Any Given Sunday 117
  64. Sexy Beast 117
  65. Lock, Stock, & 2SB 114
  66. SLC Punk! 110
  67. 25th Hour 110
  68. Point Break 105
  69. Trainspotting 104
  70. Last Boy Scout 102
  71. Aristocrats 100
  72. Bulworth 95
  73. Swingers 95
  74. Detroit Rock City 83
  75. Shaun of the Dead 77
  76. Life 63
  77. Dazed and Confused 59
  78. 48 Hrs. 48
  79. Gunner Palace 42
  80. Four Weddings and a Funeral 42

I actually asked people if they knew which movie was the F-word king a long time ago. I was excited to see Tigerland as a possible champion that I didn't even know about, but then I looked at the IMDB trivia section and got a drastically smaller number: 276. Where did you get the 527 number? Did you actually count? If not, where did you hear it?

I didn't count and I don't remember where exactly I got the number. I made the list a while ago from any website that gave a number. Searching again there are still several websites that say 527. 276 seems like a more credible number. Maybe there was 527 total obscenities and someone along the way got confused?

I'll change it to 276 and a few more movies.

magnolia, good will hunting, blair witch project and raging bull all surprised me being on this list.

Actors say fuck a lot when they're improvising. I know the dialogue in Made and Blair Witch Project was nearly all improvised and most of the films on this list probably contained a fair amount.

I have no idea what the count is, but (surprisingly) Four Weddings and a Funeral contains the f-word quite a lot. Actually, that's not so surprising, as English people tend to like that word. I just find it amusing to see the English in all their finery curse like sailors.

Actually, there was an article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine that made mention of this phenomenon. It was a guide to English weddings for Americans, and it said that excessive use of the word "fuck" is just par for the course at traditional English weddings. As is a dirty old man grabbing the ladies' bottoms. As I'm going to an English wedding this Saturday, I can tell you I found the article slightly worrying.

Did a search and I could only find one reference to the number of fucks in Four Weddings: 42. Not as well documented as the others.

The English do seem to have us outclassed in cursing, in variety as well as quantity. Try to keep a count at the wedding.

Will do, but I suspect I'll lose count by the time they get to "I do". ;)

According to the trivia section for Born on the Fourth of July on IMDb. The word "fuck" is used 489 times throughout the film. Didn't seem like anything near that when i watched it.

Thanks russa. It didn't seem that prominent as opposed to Nil by Mouth where it was in every line.

I added that and a few more, including Midnight Run, Blue Collar, Bulworth & Gunner Palace, which was rated PG-13.

Here's a few more to add for you:

SLC Punk 110 times
and apparently The Devil's Rejects uses fuck 56- times!!! I haven't seen it, but that just sounds like poor writing to me.

They've got this list at Wikipedia

I noticed my typo, Devil's Rejects should be 560.

Thanks for the additions. I haven't seen Devil's Rejects either. It could be poor writing or it could just be realistic.

Wikipedia caught me out on three counts, but I've still got the most complete list of fucks.

hmm.. according to, Devil's Rejects only has 175 F-words and derivatives (down at the bottom), which seems more probable.

Ah yes, I've been to that site before. I love their little "Message" section, an attempt to summarize what the movie is saying into a brief synopsis. It's entertaining to watch them really stretch to find a message - for example, the message of Pulp Fiction is apparently "Life is random," and Wild Wild West's message is simply "Good triumphs over evil once again."

So if anyone wants to take part in this off-topic discussion, what do you think is the most messageless movie of the past ten years or so? What movie would really make it impossible to find any sort of point?

[Note: I don't mean to imply that Pulp Fiction fits these criteria. I just don't think its message is "Life is random."]

When in doubt I'll take the lower number. Thanks.

what about the 2005 movie "London" with Jason Statham, Chris Evans, Jessica has over 300 or so