Most Lovable Film Actors

  1. Actors considered through their roles, not their personal attributes. I'm not making a list for women because the likes of Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson, and Carmen Electra would top the list no matter what their roles or acting ability.

  2. Harrison Ford - whatever you feel about the man now, his six turns as two of the most beloved movie characters ever (Indiana Jones and Han Solo) have immortalized him.
  3. Cary Grant - Mr. Charm. Mr. Class. Mr. Handsome. Call him what you want, no one can resist Mr. Grant.
  4. Sean Connery - I'm not a big fan of the James Bond series myself, but he does have lots of fans as the most charming and memorable bond ever. And he continues to turn out sympathetic but cool roles in movies like The Hunt for Red October and The Rock.
  5. Charlie Chaplin - The king of physical comedy always keeps you laughing.
  6. James Stewart - more great roles in classic masterpieces than anyone I can think of, James Stewart is an icon. He is infectious.
  7. Humphrey Bogart - A man's man through and through, yet still sympathetic, even when he's being a bit of a jerk (The African Queen). A legend.
  8. The Marx Brothers - the kings of comedy in the sound era, they kept everyone laughing after Chaplin was gone.
  9. Peter Sellers - Detective Clouseau himself was funny, endearing, and off-balance in a variety of roles from 1964 (Dr. Strangelove) to 1982 (Trail of the Pink Panther).
  10. Fred Astair - the king of class through the 40s and 50s.
  11. Steve Zahn - a personal favorite. I'll see any movie with this guy in it - he's just so fun to watch.
  12. Audrey Hepburn - always lovable at every moment. So... cute!

Perhaps Jackie Chan, George Clooney, or John Cusack (earlier roles)?

Well, as far as MY list goes, John Cusack would probably end up around #12, which doesn't quite make it.

Certainly not trying to preempt or shoehorn in on your list! Just wanted to see if those guys had been considered.

Shoehorn, lol - what does that mean? Squeeze it in? Never heard that before.

:-) Yup, a shoehorn is a little curved piece of metal or plastic that you put between your heel and a dress shoe to facilitate entry into said shoe.

No, I know what a shoehorn is, I'd just never heard it used as a verb outside of getting a foot in a shoe, but I guess it makes sense anywhere else, lol...

i hear you like steve zahn, me too. have you seen SAVING SILVERMAN or JOY RIDE (AKA raod kill)? he's in both. oh he's in happy texas too.

Yup, seen 'em all :-)

Ha! And here I thought the sneaker age had taken over so thoroughly that "shoehorn" (the noun) was a word from a bygone era. I guess it has a little life left in it.

Well, I think I used one a few times when I was, like, 5, so I remember it from then :-)