The most disturbing movies i've seen

  1. Eraserhead
  2. Henry, portrait of a serial killer
  3. I spit on your grave
  4. Naked Lunch
  5. Jacobs ladder
  6. Texas chainsaw massacre
  7. Lost Highway
  8. Boxing helena
  9. Se7en

every time I see the phrase "I spit on your grave," I think of that episode of The Simpsons, where the drive-in theater is showing two movies: "I Spit On Your Grave" and "I Thumb Through Your Magazines." hee hee hee...

When I saw the title of your list, I thought, "Boy, if Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer isn't on there..."

Good call. THAT is one disturbing film...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I saw Naked Lunch, and I didn't find it disturbing at all.... What bugged you about the movie?

Check out the new Criterion DVD of "Videodrome" (83). I read some great things about the recent restoration somewhere. Be warned though, things in that movie will stay with you for years.