The Most "Beautiful" Songs I Have Ever Heard

  • Fade Into You-Mazzy Star
  • Shining Road-The Cranes
  • Stone Woman-Bryan Ferry
  • I Wanna Be Adored-Stone Roses
  • Firth of Fifth-Genesis
  • New Dawn Fades-Joy Division
  • Tomorrow-The Durutti Column
  • Untitled-Interpol


To the best of my knowledge... I've never heard any of these songs. And I've heard of Genesis... but nobody else on the list. Well, maybe I've hear of Stone Roses , but can't prove it.

You should hear "I Wanna Be Adored", or pretty much any song on the Stone Roses' self-titled album. It's a fantastic disc.

Have you heard of Roxy Music? Bryan Ferry was the frontman of that band. Interpol is a new indie rock band, and Joy Division is an 80's post-punk band. I haven't heard of Mazzy Star, the Cranes, or the Durutti Column either.