The Most Annoying Celebrities

  • 1. Paris Hilton. Who else can become famous for being a no talent slut?
  • 2. Nicole Richie. She clings to the coat tails of Paris Hilton, what a winner!?!
  • 3. Ashlee Simpson. Another pathetic female in the limelights with no talent. She had to pretend that she had talent.
  • 4. Avril Lavigne. She calls herself punk?!? She is a poser! She is stupid....she mispronounced David Bowie! Some punk!?!
  • 5. Carrot Top. If I have to see another one of those stupid telephone commercials that he does, I will scream! So annoying!
  • 6. Tom Green. Not funny! Just annoying!
  • 7. Kevin Federline- He is a celebrity, just because he is or was married to Britney Spears. His album debut was stellar.....only reason this no talent got a record deal is because of his relationship with Britney. He is all all over the news. Why?
  • 8. Britney Spears. She is annoying! That television show that she did to show she was "real" person made her look even more stupid and trashy. She teaches little girls to dress like tramps, what a role model. She also does not know you are supposed to put a baby in a car seat.... DUMB!
  • 9. M ichael Jackson. He has made himself into a cartoon character.
  • 10. Donald Trump. If he is worth so much money, why can't he get a better hairpiece?
  • 11. Keanu Reeves. No talent and dull. The only time he was good was in Bill & Ted's Excellent A d venture be c ause his dumb character is close to how he is in person.
  • 12. Joan Rivers. The sound of her voice annoys me. She always talks about crap that no one cares about.
  • 13. Courtney Love. She is pathetic. She always is making a fool of herself. She played at Midtown Music in concert and it was like watching a train wreck.
  • 14. Jerry Springer- His show gets worse and worse. He seems happy watching trailer trash fight.
  • 15. Jessica Simpson- She is so annoying. That show with dumb. She has no talent.
  • 16. Justin Timberlake- Don't like him. He is annoying. He is a crappy singer with crappy, cheesy lyrics. Yuck!
  • 17. Anna Kornikova. She is a mediocre tennis player but makes more money than many of the really great tennis players because she looks good on the court. That annoys me!
  • 18. L.Ron Hubbard. Go back to writing Science Fiction books.
  • 19. Martha Stewart. She annoyed me with the happy housewife routine. Then she got all the press with the tax scandals. Why won't she go away???
  • 20. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. I put them as one because they are never apart. They were cute little girls that made really bad movies that made them a forture. They grew up but are still trying to play the part of the cute little twins......Can see how great that work because their movie flopped.
  • 21. Rosie O'Donnell. Loud, fat, and obnoxious. What a great combination! Also on her show she talked about how she was in love with Tom Cruise....but she is gay?!?
  • 22. Limp Bizkit- He made himself look like a dumbass with going to the press and saying he slept with Brittney Spears. The whole ordeal was dumb!
  • 23. Lil Kim- She is annoying. She is always wearing trashy clothes and talking trash. She is just trash.
  • 24. Ben Affleck. Bennifer.....need I say more??? Everything he has been in has been crappy since then.
  • 25. Louis Farrakhan. He says that we should all be equal and blacks should rise up....then he says antisemetic comments.
  • 26. Tara Reid. No talent with a bad boob job!
  • 27. Mike Tyson. I know that he spent many years in prison.,but come on. What is up with that tatoo on his face? A lso, when he speaks, I have no idea what he says. Is that supposed to be English?
  • 28. Arnold Schwatznegger. He plays the same type of robotic characters, real stiff. Scary that he is governor of California!?
  • 29. Hillary Duff- Her music is crap and she cannot act. She is so annoying. Just put her on mute, because every time she talks she says something stupid.
  • 30. Kid Rock- I use to like him when he first came out with Bullgod and all he does is scream his name and do crappy covers of country songs. He is always trying to get into the news for whomever he is banging at the time. Ugh!
  • 31. Pamela Anderson- She is pretty, but dumb. I am sick of hearing about her sexcapades.
  • 32. Kirstey Alley- I liked her in Cheers, but have been annoyed with her recently. She always is whining. I also am sick of hearing about her weight.
  • 33. Verne Troyer- The midgit jokes only take you so far.
  • 34. Kelly Osbourne- Only reason she is a celebrity is because of her daddy. She has no talent and complains annoying. You are set for life for money....I don't want to hear it.
Author Comments: 

These are all my opinions. Everyone might not agree with me, but these are the celebrities that annoy me most. I'd like to hear about who you think is the most celebrity too.

L. Ron Hubbard is dead. How annoying.

His legacy is more annoying than he is.

Exactly. Thank you.:o)

Are you guys familiar with the urban legend that Hubbard started Scientology on a bet with some other sci-fi writers?

I've heard that. There is also a myth that he is still really alive. I don't know if I believe either myth. He should have just stuck to writing science fiction.

Well, I'm 99% sure he's not alive. He's be 95 years old if he was. From what I've heard his science fiction wasn't that good either.

That is why the rumor is funny. I am not a science fiction fan, but my husband likes his books. He is not a scientologist.

you forgot to put miley cyrus on your list!