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Your dreams are answered:

Jeeves and Wooster set.

Jeeves and Wooster first series.

Six Feeet Under 2001 second series - not yet available, but sign up to be notified when available.

Six Feeet Under first series.

The Sopranos 1999 First Season.

The Sopranos 2000 Second Season.

By curtesy of:

--- the professor ---

Professor, I appreciate your exuberance for Listology in general. But would you please quit posting these sorts of comments to my lists?

I am perfectly aware that these shows are available on DVD. That's the whole reason I put these titles on my lists. I don't need your help in tracking down where to buy them.

I do beg your pardon - it never ocurred to me that it might irritate anyone.
My apologies.

:-( I hate it when two Listologists I like get into these kinds of misunderstandings. There's one I still bemoan from around, I dunno, two years ago. Both of them in the J's, but I won't get any more specific than that. No need to dredge up bad memories. Not that you asked me, or that I should even chime in, but it's *very* late (for me, at least) and I'm sure my better judgement went to bed hours ago.

It's not you Professor.

He's right, Professor. It's not you. I'm a very pedantic person.

Professor, no apologies are necessary. As I said, I do appreciate your interest in Listology and I implicitly assume that you did NOT think it would be irritating because I also implicitly assume that everyone's basically a good-natured person and usually no one sets out to irritate anybody.

That being said, and this really isn't directed to you or Jim, but I also assert my right to respond to comments which are placed on my lists. And that's all I was doing.

Of course you have that right!

(I know, I know, it wasn't directed at me, but since when does that stop me? I'll get back to minding my own business now...)