Me on an island with supplies!

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  • The world has blown up for no reason i flew in the air, survived (yay) and landed on a whale, who procceded to swim me to safety. he later stopped on an island and out of his back a load of water sprayed 3 items and some categories.. but what would they be?
  • Movies

  • 1. The Bicycle Theif
  • 2. Moulin Rouge
  • 3. Annie Hall
  • TV

  • 1 Aquateen Hunger Force
  • 2 The Simpsons
  • 3 I love Lucy
  • Music

  • 1. The Clash:Sandanista!
  • 2. Joe strummer and The mescaleros: rock Art and X-ray style
  • 3. Johnny Cash:Live at San Quniten_
  • Food

  • 1. Macaroni and Cheese
  • 2. Peanut butter cookies
  • 3. Lumpia
  • Drink

  • 1. Root beer
  • 2. Tequila
  • 3. Pink lemonade
  • (and the clear liquid in which i would be surrounded :)

  • 1. Matt Parker
  • 2. A first aid kit
  • 3.what the hey I'll keep the whale too

I'm glad you thought of supplies.

Thank you.

What on Earth is lumpia?

Lumpia, is a filipino version of a tiny cigar looking egg roll filled with meat.

Ah, sounds nice! Yet another food to try sometime in my travels. I'm partial to foods that, by their nature, are handily prewrapped in convenient packages. Eggrolls, good. Dumplings, good. Sushi handrolls, very good!

Food in little packages are my favorite too.