_Masterpieces Of Television... According To Me_

  • American Dad! Seth MacFarlane 2005-???
  • Extras Ricky Gervais / Stephen Merchant 2005-???
  • Scrubs Bill Lawerence 2001-???
  • Malcolm In The Middle Linwood Boomer 2000-???
  • My Wife And Kids Don Reo / Damon Wayans 2000-2005
  • Family Guy Seth MacFarlane 1999-???
  • The Sopranos David Chase 1999-2006
  • Sifl & Olly Liam Lynch 1998 (A True underrated comic masterpiece)
  • King Of The Hill Mike Judge / Greg Daniels 1997-???
  • South Park Trey Parker / Matt Stone 1997-???
  • Everybody loves Raymond Philip Rosenthal 1996-2005
  • Hey Arnold! Craig Bartlett 1996-2004
  • Kenan & Kel 1996-1999
  • Friends Kauffman / Crane 1994-2004
  • Frasier Lee / Angell / Casey 1993-2004
  • Rugrats Gabor Csupo 1991-2004
  • Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Andy & Susan Borowitz 1990-1996
  • The Simpsons Matt Groening 1989-???
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? Dan Patterson 1988-1998 (UK Version) 1998-?? (US Version)
  • Cheers Burrows / Charles 1982-1993

Great list as ever! No The Simpsons though.. ah well, I'll live. :)

lol how could i miss that. thank you mate. i can't beleive i missed the simpsons!

haha... kenan and kel... i used to love that show when i was a kid... I always get a laugh when I see kel hosting dance 360, it's so ridiculous... everytime I see him on television we all have a big laugh when someone blurts out "who loves orange sooooda?!"... it must suck to be that guy now.

yeah it really was a great show. why i choose to put it here and lable it as a "masterpiece" was the acting talent. Kenan was just brilliant, alot of comedy range, brill! As for the kel thing, it must be anoying to be type cast or have a catchphrase attached to you.

How about Arrested Development? Now that puppy's a masterpiece! :)

Must admit to only ever seeing the pilot. I do want to see more and have thought about buying the DVD. alot of people are saying if you like Scrubs, you'll like Arrested Development. I hear great things about it. How long have you been a fan?

Since the beginning. I own Season 1 on DVD and have never missed an episode. I also really like Scrubs.

Ah, you added FPOBA - good spot! I'm guessing you're currently enjoying the season 1 set?

Hell Yes. FPOBA Season 1 is just outstanding. it's one of the best 1st seasons a show has ever had. The qaulity of the storylines are top notch and every cast member hits the mark nearly everytime. I currently really like Any joke that comes from Vivian, Phil, Jeffery or Carlton. Will is brilliant too. oh and i like the side characters such as the school coach. I am ordering Season 2 soon.

No Seinfeld?

I don't know of any other sitcom that never had a bad episode. Perhaps I've never seen them all but Seinfeld is always funny and frequently hilarious.

What about My So Called Life?

It was a rather short-lived show on MTV that was probably the most realistic portrayal of current high school drama I've ever seen on TV. Claire Danes starred. It was very, very good while it lasted and it featured superior acting to any other show about teens.

I'll be honest with you, never actually seen Seinfeld. I've heard its pretty good. From a glance the characters look like they would annoy me, but thats harsh to say without having seen it. so i'll check it out and get back to you

My So Called Life, i'll check it out. i'm a big fan of most mtv programmes (Sifl & OIlly, Made, Wanna Come In?, Wildboys ect) (Let it be noted though that i HATE Viva La Bam)

It actually wasn't an MTV show. It ran on ABC; MTV only showed reruns later.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I read this list and thought the same thing. I think Seinfeld and the Simpsons are the two I would add first. You reeeeally ought to start watching it (okay I guess this was written a while back, so maybe you have already) - not only is it hilarious, but the humor has dated very well.

Glad to see Sifl and Olly getting its due - seriously who would even ever mention that show? If you like that show I would suggest The Flight of the Conchords, it's the same style of humor and of course all the episodes have 2-3 musical numbers.

Speaking of which I've really come to like some of the S&O song material - few bands (outside of like early, early TMBG) have made music like this with just keyboards and a drum machine. It's a great sound!

Never got around to watching seinfeld, i'll try to though! oh yes i love the simpsons (seasons 1-9)

oh yes i LOVE sifl and olly, so underrated. i've seen flight of the conchords, i haven't updated this list in a long while. but i really enjoyed it, the episode where they got leather jackets and the one where they get high was funny. though i felt some of the songs didn't work but on a whole i really liked it. Also i really like Tenacious D's old show on HBO

oh yeah some of the songs on S&O are brilliant, prostitute laundry is great, dude's house i like, and many i cant remember right now

My attempt at a favourite sitcom episodes of all-time list: here. What do you think?

No Big Bang Theory? 30 Rock?

i've not seen 30 rock but Big bang might well make it on. tbh i haven't payed attention to this list much, but i'm loving big bang theory at the moment, 2nd season is VERY strong.

Heh, I hadn't noticed you didn't have Big Bang Theory on here. Guess I assumed you did :D

yeah i do need to update. You excited about new series of scrubs? i'm gonna try and catch what i can from the net. It's interesting how they are saying this is Zach's last season. I have heard they will stop the whole show but at same time i hear stuff like carrying on without braff, that would be interesting.

I am looking forward to it, yes, even though S7 was hit-and-miss. I think carrying on without Zach would be a mistake though. I'd still watch of course, but he really ties the show together and it wouldn't be Scrubs without him.

Either way, here's hoping the last episode of this season is the send-off either the show, or just Zach, deserves. For a show with classic episodes like "My Old Lady" in its library, to misjudge the finale would be a real disappointment.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? How 'bout the better news or the worse news. Or the best and the worst?

Good to bad... Zach Braff is not dating Jessica Simpson. But he has also come in to the closet. "It's amazing I turned out straight." However, there's still hope for Turk's dad.

Better or worse... Evidently there's a chance that Tobias Fünke will be admitted to Sacred Heart even though J.D. might have to cut down on the pratfalls. "I could see my orthopaedist waking up in his sleep."

Best and worst... There's a new Fletch in town and his name is Dr. Rosenpenis... Mr.Poon, erm... Zach Braff. Whatever his name is, he says that this will be his last season and Bill Lawrence says it's the last season for everybody. "I just want to make sure that everybody knows A, you know, that the show’s still alive, and we’re still aggressive about it, and then B, the thing that we’re considering here is really selling that this is the last year."