Marygabucan Believes that...

  • ...God exsists in the most unlikely places
  • ...Change is nescessary
  • ...Modern Feminism is a joke because, if it really was about being equal to men then why all of the male bashing and call for special treatment
  • ...Sexuality is not always black and white
  • ...Sexy is how you carry yourself
  • ...Indifference will be the down fall of civilization
  • ...Money is'nt Power, it's paper that can get you stuff.
  • ...Dogs are better than cats
  • ...Everybody is equally bad and good and has the freedom to choose between the two
  • ...Science is'nt a religion and I don't think it was ever suppose to be, it is a way for humans to better themselves but it's not something to put your faith in.
  • ...Faith is not logical
  • ...Everything does not have to be logical to be good or pure
  • ...War movies should be extremely violent because "hey" they are about war, the most horrific thing people do to each other.
  • ...God has a sense of humor

i may have mentioned this before somewhere but I don't think it's as much that everyone is good and evil as much as anything can be deemed either good or evil... it's completely arbitrary, therefore we have the complete choice to do whatever, whether society deems it good or evil is the only question.

I think everyone has an inate moral code of some kind that can change due to certain situations but it's still there. They either choose to listen to it or do something else.

well in that case I would say people who choose evil would technically still be choosing good, if that is the case everyone would choose good because it would only be based on what they thought it was... but point taken... i just don't buy the overall good vs evil thing, but it's great for the movies.

You can believe in what you believe, i'll believe in what I believe.
It's all kosher.

of course

I can agree with an amazing amount of the above...

...and I still enjoyed reading the rest. Great list!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Thank you.