Marvel vs. DC Comics

  • The Mighty Thor vs Captain Marvel
  • Phoenix vs The Green Lantern
  • Quick Silver vs The Flash
  • The Hulk? (I don't like it, but what's better?) vs Super Man
  • Daredevil vs Batman
  • Namor/The Sub-Mariner vs Aquaman
  • Angel vs Hawkman
  • Elektra vs Catwoman
  • Hawkeye vs Green Arrow
  • Vision vs Martian Munhunter
  • Punisher vs Preacher
  • Iron Man vs Steel
  • Ant-Man vs The Atom
  • Mr. Fantastic vs Plastic Man
  • Dr. Doom vs Lex Luther
  • Toad vs The Penguin
  • Arcade vs The Riddler
  • The Human Torch vs Firestorm (I only remember this guy from the old Superfriends show, can someone tell me if this is a good match up?)
  • Deadpool vs Joker
  • She-Hulk vs Wonder Woman
  • The Lizard (from Spider-Man) vs Killer Croc
  • Dr. Strange vs Fate
  • Ant Man vs The Atom
  • Goliath vs Apache Chief (I only know him from Super Friends, he's really DC, right?)
Author Comments: 

I saw something like this in a comic book place once but it wasn't too great. And I'm not sure if everyone knows about it. So here's my idea for the list: We decide which Marvel and which DC comics superheros square off against each other and who would win. Maybe later I make a bunch of polls of the matches so we could vote on who would win. But this will be used for nominating matches. Feel free to suggest better matches or so on, that's why this is here. Fellow comic nerds unite!

Hulk vs. Thing (of Fantastic Four) always makes sense in my head.

oops, was forgetting the DC/Marvel specification.

How about Preacher vs. Punisher? Maybe...

Or, I guess Punisher vs. Preacher. lol

Dr. Doom vs. Lex Luther

The two human big bads of both worlds.

Toad vs. The Penguin

Two cripplingly ugly villians with very little power.

Arcade vs. The Riddler

Two sadistic supervillians obsessed with challenges.

That's all I can think of right now. I used to LOVE comic books. Especially X-Men.

As did I, X-men was my main read, and I was more of a marvel guy in general. The only DC Comic that interested was the Green lantern. I like your suggestions.

Yeah, DC wasn't my thing. I remember some Batman villians and some Superman villians, but other than the obvious, I have very little knowledge about DC at all.

Marvel was a much richer world in my mind. It also seemed less...hindered in some way.

Maybe it was DC's iconic/classic image that really ruined things. They just didn't seem to really move ahead with the times the way Marvel did.

Deadpool vs. The Joker

Two very humor-oriented villians. Both very smart, and both very deadly. An off match-up, but I think it could work.

Wolverine vs. Batman

Both rely on cunning, skill, and technique. They are arguably the two most recognizable faces from either world. Also, this would be a genuinely hard to predict fight.

Personally I'd love to see a Deadpool vs Joker match up. But I'd even more would like to see a Deadpool vs Batman matchup.

Oh, by the way, Marvel ended up winning the competition. There were five main matchups that readers could vote on, and the best three out of five won the competition. Those match-ups were:

Batman vs. Captain America (Batman won)
Superman vs. The Hulk (Superman won)
Wonder Woman vs. Storm (Storm won)
Lobo vs. Wolverine (Wolverine won)
Superboy vs. Spider-Man (Spider-Man won)

That's three for Marvel. Though I think the Superboy vs. Spider-Man match-up was idiotic.

I remember seeing those in that comic I mentioned in the cross-ver thingie, but I though those matches were off, and it would be fn to make polls for each match and see who wins those.

I like your thought on Deadpool/Joker, and Btman/Wolverine, but I don't neccessarily agree. I think Daredevil/Batman is as close as you can get with the two worlds, Wolverine/Batman match would be good, but no where near even. Wolverine would win definetly. Though I think Wolvey would win in just about any case really....

And with Deadpool/Joker, I dunno, I like where I've got deadpool.

I actually didn't see that you had both Batman and Deadpool already used.

Those matches were off, and a lot of it was voting based on the more popular verus who would actually win.

I think it was a surprise to a lot of people (not me, being an X-Men fan) to see Storm beat Wonder Woman.

The Super Boy who was been was more powerful than Spiderman, but nowhere near as powerful as Clark the Superboy we know of. Even so it was kind of lame. Hulk vs. Superman has been done, so not a good idea, Hulk would be more comparable to DCs Solomon Grundy. Superman would have to be pitted against one of Marvels mightiest characters maybe the Silver Surfer. Manhunter vs. Vision also not a good matchup a better matchup would be Against the Imposssibleman (Who is also green and can change his form one of Manhunter powers) or Loki (who is strong,can change his form and has mental powers all powers Manhunter has) or the Moon Dragon who has mental powers. Batman vs. Black Panther using weapons as he did when he first appeared in the Fantastic four comic book might also be an idea. Also Dr. Fate Vs. Dr. Strange a possible matchup. Photon (Black Woman also called Capt. Marvel)who can travel at speed of light would be a better match for Flash than Quick Silver would. If email respond send to

thor vs superman

Another possibility is group fights Superman and Batman vs. Thor and Ironman. Why this? Because Superman has an army of robot as does Ironman, however I don't think Ironman's on the power level to take on Superman so would need Thor's help. Together they might beat Superman, but what if Batman was in the mix? Also Fire Storm has Atomic restructoring powers so is more equavilent to the molecule man Torch is mor like Ssun Boy.

I think that Joker vs. Deadpool is a weird matchup, though I don't know much about Deadpool except what I saw in Ultimate Spider-Man. Joker vs. Green Goblin, two iconic, crazy villains from both universes. Plus, Batman vs. C. America seems to make more sense to me, and instead have Daredevil fight Blue Beetle. Superman should fight Sentry, and have Hulk out of there. He's not even a hero.