Martin's Tie Collection

  1. Green Tom and Jerry tie with red, yellow and blue diamond patterns
  2. Dark green Sylvester & Tweety tie with alternating red/blue/green diamond pattern
  3. Green (with bits of navy blue) tie of Bugs Bunny in typical poses
  4. Tom and Jerry image of Jerry in mousehole, Tom's menacing face is outside and his paw is reaching in
  5. Grey Donald Duck tie, with Donald's head in a variety of poses
  6. Navy blue Flintstones tie featuring the heads of Fred, Barney and Dino
  7. Red, yellow and navy-striped tie with the Tasmanian Devil at the bottom, adorned with the word "Taz" all around the tie
  8. Grey Bugs Bunny tie with diamond background pattern
  9. Navy blue patterned Daffy Duck tie featuring row after row of Daffy in different stand-up poses
  10. Light/dark blue Homer Simpson tie, in chessboard pattern with Homer's head poses on the lightly-blue coloured squares
  11. Red Tom and Jerry tie with alternating rows featuring either Tom or Jerry
  12. Blue Bart Simpson tie featuring Bart in church outfit and halo in the foreground, with pale devilish Bart in the background
  13. Navy blue Sylvester and Tweety tie featuring a large Sylvester face, with Tweety swinging on Sylvester's tail
  14. Navy blue Simpsons tie featuring Homer sitting on the couch with a can of beer, and the rest of the family higher up in picture frames
  15. Red Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil golfing tie
  16. Blue Simpsons tie featuring Homer lying on a rubber ring, with a great white shark threatening to devour him, in a homage to the Jaws movie poster
  17. Navy Mickey Mouse tie featuring Mickey in cowboy gear
  18. Reddish Goofy tie featuring Goofy fishing
  19. Navy tie of a red cadillac with people riding in it
  20. Navy tie with repeating dolphin pattern
  21. Navy tie with assorted teddy bears pattern
  22. Rather bland maroon and black checked tie
  23. Rather bland black/white/grey diagonally-striped tie that I wear to interviews (and my graduation)
  24. Garish bright pink tie with chequered pattern
Author Comments: 

Now that I'm employed, I have the chance to wear a shirt and tie to work, and I just love wearing ties even though I don't have that many. This list celebrates the wild and wacky (often character) ties owned by yours truly.