Mara's Top 6 Best Horror Films

  • These Horror Movies are worth watching I think.
  • 6. Childs Play - Chuckies first appearance. Yeah it is fairly old but I think the acting is fairly good and it can be fairly tense.
  • 5. Village of the Damned (1995) - This newer american version of the classic is very good in places especially Christopher Reeve. Only one down side the children actors who played the alien children were very bad.
  • 4. The Shining - Jack Nicholsons maniac grin shows it all. Very tense but quite confusing movie.
  • 3. The Excorcist - Well it is fairly old now so the effects are not up to much but you cant beat a good classic.
  • 2. Alien - I liked it I dont know what to say.
  • 1. The Mummy - Very good effects, good acting, good story a super film.

Good list.