Long Movie Series

  1. Listing movie series with more than four films:

  2. Wong Fei Hung (100+ movies)
  3. 'luchador' Santo (55? movies) - thx Cosgrove
  4. Otoko wa Tsuraiyo (48 movies) - thx Imposter
  5. Charlie Chan (36? movies)
  6. Carry On... (31 movies)
  7. Blondie (28 movies) - thx AJDaGreat
  8. Godzilla (28)
  9. Zatoichi (25 movies) - thx Imposter
  10. James Bond (21 movies)
  11. The Falcon (16 movies) - thx Imposter
  12. Hardies (16 movies) - thx AJDaGreat
  13. The Saint (15? movies) - thx Imposter
  14. Gamera (10? movies)
  15. Friday the 13th (10 movies)
  16. Asterix (9? movies)
  17. Pink Panther (9)
  18. Halloween (9) - thx dgeiser13
  19. The Amityville Horror (8)
  20. Police Academy (8th coming in 2006)
  21. Frankenstein (7? movies)
  22. The Road To... (7 movies)
  23. Star Trek (7 movies)
  24. Star Wars (6)
  25. Lone Wolf and Cub (6 movies) - thx Cosgrove
  26. A Nightmare on Elm Street (6 movies) - thx Rushmore
  27. Muppets (6 movies) - thx 0dysseus
  28. Thin Man (5 movies)
  29. Superman (5 movies)
  30. Planet of the Apes (5 movies)
  31. Rocky (5 movies) - thx 0dysseus
  32. Batman: modern live-action (5)
  33. Chucky (5th coming soon) - thx openstacks
Author Comments: 

Only true movie series considered, not strings of remakes. Serials, obviously, are not 'movie series.' Straight-to-video and TV releases not counted (so, Land Before Time not eligible).

'Vs.' movies not includes (for example, Freddy vs. Jason or Dracula vs. Frankenstein.

Also, I don't consider films by a certain team of people a series unless they have similar/continuing subject matter (for example, National Lampoon's films are not a 'series', but their 'vacation' films would be eligible if there were more than three).

Also, the Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy) films are so different and seperate from each other they aren't really a series. Even moreso, the adaptations of King's writings are not a 'series.'

Corrections & suggestions very welcome.

This is a good idea for a list.

The Tora-san series in Japan went on for 25 years and 48 films, until the star's death in 1995. And everybody's favorite blind swordsman, Zatoichi, was the subject of 25 movies from 1962-1973, appeared again in 1989, and was just played by Takeshi Kitano in a new version last year.

The Falcon: sixteen movies, using George Sanders, Tom Conway, and John Calvert as the master sleuth

And there were fifteen or so movies about The Saint; some related, some not.

Tora-san isn't the same as Otoko wa Tsuraiyo, is it? It seems awfully strange that the there would be two Japanese film series to run exactly 48 movies. The star of Otoko wa Tsuraiyo is Kiyoshi Atsumi, he died in 1996.

I think they're the same.

I believe there were four Child's Play movies, culminating in the brilliance of Bride of Chucky.

From 1938-1950 there was a series of movies based on the "Blondie" comic strip. They managed to squeeze in 28 movies.

From 1937-1958 there was a series based on a family called the Hardies. Most of them centered on Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney). There were 16 movies in this series.

Very clever... although I think that seventeen of the Bond movies are actually remakes.

Crosby/Hope "Road" movies (6 movies)
Rockys (5 movies with another one always looming... Rocky vs. Kevorkian, perhaps)
Highlanders (4 movies with a fifth coming up... Methos Prays to Die)
Hellraisers (4 movies and an infinite afterlife in video)
Iron Eagles (4 movies and we pray for Chappie to die)
and the Muppets (4 movies and yes, I am sure. I'm not counting the performance pieces: "A Christmas Carol" and "Treasure Island")

I know television doesn't count but spare a thought for the "Up" documentaries (6 with, I assume, another one coming every seven years)

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" (6 movies) (7 if you count "Freddy Vs Jason")

Weren't there four Lethal Weapons? Also, it turns out there are four movies in the Phantasm series.

There have been 8 Halloweens. Number 9 comes out in 2005.

There's actually been 10 "Friday the 13th" films -- remember "Jason X"? And if we're not counting DTV films, "Phantasm" should be eliminated -- only parts 1 and 2 saw the inside of a theater.

And how about the "Lone Wolf and Cub" films? There's six of them.

thank you!

Hey, got a new one -- Kinji Fukasaku's "Yakuza Papers" series runs five films long.

And one I almost forgot for some reason -- the long-running series in Mexico starring the famed 'luchador' Santo. It ran to at least 55 films (according to the IMDb).

Awesome, thanks!

There is another mexican series, sort of, Cantiflas, he acted in many movies, i think over 60, playing the same character in all of them, sure he had different professions, and plots, but is the exact same character.

I can't seem to wrangle Google or IMDB into submission on this one. Do you know a site that would provide more information on the 'series' and perhaps a more exact count?

Not really, but i'll try to find it, i can probably find it in a spanish site.

I see where the confusion is, i checked the IMDB, out of the movies, i think all but Pepe and Around the world in 80 days are from the Cantinflas series, the thing was that since the early 70's, he changed the character, and was no longer the same, should have asked my mom who is a huge fan.

But see there are many that have Cantinflas in the title.

In December 2004 Godzilla: Final Wars was released in Japan as the 28th movie in the series.