Listology: Favourite TV Show Lists


i'm gonna try and update mine soon, probably tonight if i get a chance. get rid of the clips, make it more simple, beyond just updating it of course.

Nice, I look forward to it. I'm working on expanding mine to be a top 200.. maybe I do watch too much TV./

200 wow thats a lot ! did you watch "The Family" on channel 4? i really enjoyed it

No, I didn't.. kinda wish I did though. The production company actually e-mailed me a few months before it was shown as they needed to clear an audio clip from The Simpsons being played in the background at some point.. Fox needed the episode title, and I maintain this file, so they asked if I'd kept an archive of which episodes had aired when.

But, er, that's the extent of my exposure to the show :D

wow thats pretty darn cool lol

it was a great show indeed, perhaps they'll release a DVD, who knows.

Let's hope so.