List of Useful/Interesting Websites

  • Discogs ( [Discographies of every artist you will have heard of, and plenty of artists you don't know]
  • IMDB ( [Internet Movie Database]
  • Listology ( [Duh..]
  • DeviantArt ( [The biggest art website on the net, you can view it all for free]
  • Scaruffi ( [Music Critique of Rock & Jazz and List Website]
  • Ishkur ( [Similar to above, except mainly electronic music]
  • Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music ( [The best guide on the net to electronic music. It's flash.]
  • Resident Advisor ( [Reviews of lots of new music and up and coming events etc etc of electronic music.]
  • SoulSeek ( [The best way to get hold of all music :)]
  • AllMusic ( [Similar to discogs, though it has less artists featured. However it has histories of artists and profiles etc]
  • AllUC ( [hahaha! Yes, watch thousands of tv shows, cartoons and movies on the net. Free. Don't worry, you're not held liable, and nor are they, they have seperate host companies haha]
  • TVLinks ( [Similar to above though better, not sure if this one will come back online anytime soon though. The website's HQ was raided last week by police.]
  • YouTube ( [Urr...]
  • Joox ( [Think AllUC and TvLinks but smaller.]
  • CoversProject ( [Lists every song covered by another artist.]
  • Rateyourmusic ( [Users can catalog their own productions and rate each others.]
  • Online Video Guide ( Gives links and access to nearly all online video sites.
  • Surf The Channel ( Gives great, fast loading links for a huge number of TV shows, though lacking on the cinematic front.

Been to most of these, but I'll check the one I haven't been to.

Have you ever been to I find it useful, and thorough.

Yeah I have, good point I'll put it on. is another like alluc and tvlinks though it doesn't have a very large selection of films at the moment. Also, Youtube...mainly for its never ending supply of classic Chris Hansen clips :D

what is it exactly that website do? I didn't get it sorry.

It tracks every song that has ever been covered by another artist.

Ahh ok thanks - added.

description I can use?

A site where you can catalog your music, as well as having extremely informative music reviews and good boards.


here you go man


Great list. I haven’t tried soul seek before but it looks great. I am using a freelancer key to help build a new website hosting video content of my favorite TV shows. It will be similar to Surf The Channel but a bit easier to navigate and with better files.

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