life's soundtrack, tape 1

  • Side a:
  • hymn - moby
  • this is the day - the the
  • she loves me - stephen duffy
  • almost lost my mind - madder rose
  • a girl like you - edwyn collins
  • tears - stone roses
  • positive bleeding - urge overkill
  • minimum wage - they might be giants
  • side b:
  • paris and rome - the cranes
  • your silent face - new order
  • honey - tori amos
  • fizzy love - catherine wheel
  • that joke isn't funny anymore - the smiths
  • what do you think? - the sundays
  • heroes - david bowie
Author Comments: 

i began making these "life's soundtrack" tapes years ago as a means to encapsulate a moment in my life with music, like the music to some John Hughes films - indelibly linked to the images and memories of a film. Recently i came across a DVD extra - Cameron Crowe on Almost Famous and the music, and how it is culled from his own life - he mentions that his diary or journal are simply mixed tapes he had made through the years, all approriately dated and labeled, which mine, of course, are not. But what a cool idea. i wish i had been as dedicated and organised about the idea as he was... As it is, i only ever completed a few that were ever labeled as such. The others were lost in unlabeled tape hell.