Least Funny Stand-Up Comics

  • Jimmy Kimmel-There's no denying that Kimmel is funny but his is an avuncular or fraternal humor. He's the buddy that's always cracking you up. It's a humor that was well suited to his partnerships with Ben Stein and Adam Corolla but hardly justifies a coveted position on late-night television. It doesn't justify his boning the sexiest and funniest comedian ever...Shecky Green. (ba-dum-BUMP)
  • Sam Kinison-I don't know if the insane amount of respect he gets from the rest of the comic world is the phony sort reserved for the dead or if he was nearly completing a cure for cancer before taking a header through the windshield of his Trans Am. Surely it couldn't be for his material. Unlike the Diceman, this loud-mouthed Baptist coke-fiend spewed REAL misogyny.
  • Carlos Mencia-I don't care about the accusations of joke theft. As far as I'm concerned humor is part of a communal collective to be used and reused by all. He just doesn't use it well. He seems to think that refering to Mexicans as Beaners is cutting-edge racial commentary. Seriously though, if anyone's going to complain about his act being stolen...where the hell is Paul Rodriguez?
  • Lenny Bruce-Every list of great comics has got him but has anybody really heard him? Really? He's profane and daring and experimental, he's the embodiment of 50's counterculture, he opened the doors entered by George Carlin, Richard Pryor and the like, but does he make you laugh?

I like this list, especially the Lenny Bruce comments. I don't really know much of Lenny Bruce's work, but it's interesting that someone can be so influential, but not actually great at what they were doing. That must be pretty rare, because I'm guessing most people who "open the door" for those who come after them, got attention to begin with because they were good.

I've laughed at Lenny's work. Quite a bit of it, actually.

where is Dane Cook?

I have a Mexican girlfriend, and one thing we completely agree on is how much we hate Carlos Mencia. She says to me that she doesn't like him because he's "making fun of Mexican people ALL the time, and he's not even Mexican!", and then goes on a two-minute tirade about the man. I just say, "oh, I just hate him because he's not funny". Have you ever watched his show? The jokes are so stupid and obvious, and the ones that are a *little* tougher he has to explain to the crowd. He's not 'edgy' in the slightest no matter how hard he tries to be, and the instances of joke theft are really blatant (come on, Bill Cosby? Like no ones gonna notice that!?)

But whatever, nobody really likes him (which doesn't explain why his show is still on?) I have to agree with the guy above - where is Dane Cook? He's postmodern in the worst possible way, and his jokes ultimately all devolve into "hey, remember this (something from the 70's or 80's)? It was like WOOOOP WOOOP WOOOP AAAAAA!!!) He tries really hard to be over-energetic and just comes off as stupid. I'd put him on before Lenny Bruce. Okay, his first CD had some good moments, but besides one or two laughs, his second double disc set was just sooooooo boring. There's one part where he tells a ten minute joke whose punchline is just a retread of a joke from the first CD! I suppose all the middle schoolers of the world gotta get their catchphrases somewhere...

That comedian Jimmy Kimmel is with is indeed a looker, but Christ is she unfunny as well.

Oh, and you forgot Neil Hamburger, who is simulaneously the least funny AND most funny stand up comedian on the planet!

Mencia only has a show because Chappelle lost his effing mind (don't let him tell you different).
It's very fashionable to hate Dane Cook but while he's not even in my Top 40 he's never failed to amuse me.
I can't believe I've taken the recommendation of someone that fails to appreciate Sarah Silverman but for introducing me to the genius that is Neil Hamburger I must thank you.

EDIT: Dane Cook has since failed me many times as has Neil Hamburger. Though in Neil's case I blame brilliant insanity in the vein of Jonathan Winters and Andy Kaufman while Dane's failures can only be blamed on narcissistic self-indulgence.

I agree with all your choices, though Lenny Bruce was more of a preacher than a comedian. Of course, Sam Kinison was "crazy preacher man". Irritatingly bombastic.

For his most recent work (five years), I'd add George Carlin to the list. He's turned into a dried-up, cranky old man before our eyes. If you're too close to the truth George, and the truth ain't funny, the bit's not funny. Please retire.

I'm reserving Carlin for People So Profoundly Truthful That I Don't Really Give A Shit If They're Still Funny. :)

Richard Lewis-unfunny Woody Allen-Wannabe
Gallagher-So what, you are smashing Watermelons and payed the Way for Prop Comedy
Carrot Top-same as Gallagher, but without Watermelons, the Trunk is just as unfunny
Kathy Griffin-not funny on her own, needs to trashtalk to give me a smile for a second
Dennis Miller-a walking dictionary grown conservative, resentful and unfunny, also even his old stuff was "nah" at best
Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook for all the stuff allready explained here
Jay Leno
Jeff Dunham
Tom Greene
Robert Klein

I trained my TV to switch channels when Dennis Miller appears.
Are there any funny comedians who use conservative material, besides Colbert?

I would go on with Paul Reiser and Dennis Leary

Lisa Lampanelli and Steve-O are also on my List