L. Bangs' Current Crazy Wish List

  • 1) That somebody will please piss Lou Reed off so we can get another masterwork in the raw style of New York (still probably my fave album of his solo years).
  • 2) That Kathy Griffin will realize that no matter how many places she manages to pop up, nobody really cares.
  • 3) That the attempt to pimp Joss Stone's Fell in Love With a Boy goes the way of Liz Phair's last album, which was also shoved down our throats.
  • 4) That the wonderfully warped and talented Kelis kicks Britney and Christina's butts off of the diva throne.
  • 5) That we'll see an SACD / CD hybrid release of the Beatles' albums as well done as Sony's glorious Bob Dylan discs.
  • 6) That Prince can ride the new wave of attention to launch a killer album that leads to a true comeback.
  • 7) That Plato's Apology becomes required reading the summer before college for all students.
  • 8) That Joss Whedon would stop killing off my favorite characters from his shows (shame!).
  • 9) That all art lovers were as adventurous and daring as the cool folks at Listology.
  • 10) That a few more people will discover that Fyodor Dostoyevsky is quite possible the greatest novelist who ever lived.
Author Comments: 

A whim, and one I hope to update from time to time.

Am I alone in any of these?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Yes to Lou, there needs to be an intervention.

Who's Kathy Griffin? :D

Joss Stone rocks (stooky does cart-wheels). The Soul Sessions is really good, go-buy-listen-love.

Diva status is now decided by 11-16 year old kids.(scary) Kelis is probably to funky and sexy (she's hotter than a jalepeno pepper) to appeal to them. (My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And THEIR LIFE, It's better than yours) I would guess that statement is the truth.

Fingers crossed.

Watch an evening with kevin smith to dispell any hopes of Prince's nascent comeback. (Chaka mad).

Will have to read first. (tee hee)

It's driving me nuts too. And then he brings them back and it's not the same. Although, in a totally unrelated way, Angel puppet was rockin'. (2 feet of bad-ass ladies puppet)

I am, well thankyou. Backatcha LB.

(pssst, over here, ya forgot a y, he's now dos-toe-evsky):)

I fall asleep after one page. I've been reading Brothers K. for 2 years now. But every page is good. :)

I knew somebody had to like Joss Stone. I've heard the album, and I really don't dig it at all; I feel she overemotes to the stars, and the arrangements didn't help either. Her choice of the White Stripes song struck me as particularly uninspired and lame. Vive la difference!

Alas, I have no access to the Kevin Smith (IFC, right?) show. My basic cable saves me from worrying about Prince's comeback, and for once, perhaps I'm glad not to have my satellite dish humming any more... I still hope.

The puppet episode of Angel was off the wall, wild, and crazy. Naturally, I loved it!

And when you finish the novel, you can tell me how to spell his name! ;) Nah, you're right. Us English speakers keep changing our mind on how to spell his name, and I'm a horrid speller to begin with, so... consider the name corrected.

Great to hear from you. We'll meet at Lou's apartment around 9?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Bad Joss Stone disliker. :) There are others I know who like her. We're fanatical would be pudgie male groupies.

(Chaka mad. Chaka mad? Chaka real mad!.)

It's a plan. I'll bring a mariachi band versed in Britney Spears and Enrique Iglesias covers. That should get the anger juices flowing.

I'm on board for 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 (9 bringing the biggest smile to my face). I'm in the dark on 2, 3, and 4. Regarding 1, I've never been a Lou Reed fan, so I can't really help you there. Will have to try again someday. As for 8, I've only seen Buffy season 1 so far, so Whedon hasn't lowered the boom on me yet.

Fun list! Some long shots on there, but it can't hurt to hope!

My fingers are crossed!

We'll see a Lost in Translation review soon, I hope?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I'm thinking within the next 30 minutes or so. :-) I'm churning my way through a five-movie backlog...


I suppose I can wait. /foot tapping/

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

:-) You can stop tapping now.

Amen to #2 (I actually watched a couple episodes of that craptastic Average Joe show... shame), #5 (how about some remastered Sly and the Family Stone too), and #9! Other than that, I haven't heard New York, I've never read any Dostoevsky, I don't know who Joss Stone or Joss Whedon are, and I've never really considered Kelis as a serious artist (but Britney and Christina even less so). I wouldn't mind #6 or #7 (I think I actually read portions of the Apology in 10th grade, but I don't remember it that well), but I don't feel as strongly about them as you do.

Maybe I'll create a list like this when I get some more time.

I'd love to see some great sounding Sly hit the stores. The current Stand! and Riot sound awful. Luckily, the recent The Essential Sly and the Family Stone sounds stellar, and I've heard rumors that we'll see the rest of his album upgraded to match that compilation. I suspect it is just a matter of time.

Joss Whedon is the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel television shows. Joss Stone is a singer with a new video that gets wayyyy too much airplay on MTV lately.

Kelis is quite an exciting artist, IMHO. Milkshake was surely one of last year's best singles, or at least it was in my world...

I'd love to see your version of this list!

(And you really should check out Lou's New York, especially since you've tried Transformer.)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Cool list. I would love to hear a great new Prince record.

But I must say I read this list quickly and did not see the word art the first time I read number 9. It had me a little freaked about your's or Listology's knowledge gathering prowess. Of course I could say you just asked my wife but that would be showing off...plus with a two year old in the house adventorous and daring takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to those matters...

Some knowledge I do not have, and I ought not have. :)

'Art', the boy said...

Although I'm sure it's true both ways...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

LBangs, you would think that the events of 9/11 on Lou's home turf, the NYC smoking ban, a republican president and congress, gay marriage bans and the like would be enough to send a seething Lou Reed into the studio. Maybe Lou is content to bask in the glow of his Legend status(however, if that were the case why would he continue to release crappy albums, why release anything?)

Surely Prince, one of the youngest Rock N Roll Hall of Fame members ever, has enough gas left in the tank for a couple of massive comebacks. I would like to see three.

I would like to see Kathy Griffin pop up...in the obituaries(that was just plain mean)

Dostoyevsky has always been one of my favorites-but with the despair of "Crime and Punishment" I predict fewer and fewer people will actaully read him.

There, I requested Dostoyevsky's first novel from my library.

I think Crime and Punishment might be the best intro into the man's world, but any FD is better than none. The man is amazing.

Be sure to report your findings, positive or negative! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

His first novel was all my library had on audiobook. I'll have to search interlibrary loan for his others (on audiobook).

Ah, I see...

I've never been able to make the transition to audiobooks. I suspect I would have better luck with nonfiction than fiction. I should try again some time!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I can keep my mind working later into the night than my eyes.

4) That the wonderfully warped and talented Kelis kicks Britney and Christina's butts off of the diva throne
Two thumbs up!
It would take two of her to get their asses kicked, which I pray to God happens asap.

( Help!!! Somebody do something)

We can hope, but we probably ought not hold our breaths...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I'd be interested to hear what value you think Plato's Apology has for prospective students in particular.

I think it is a great introduction to the Greeks (more students should try to strike up that friendship) as well as being a (the?) classic stand for free thought and a life of contemplation, two qualities that I think would aid starter college students wonderfully.

Additionally , it is a terrific model of clear, forceful writing (or rhetoric, if you want to go that route). It also goes well with the often-required Antigone of Sophocles for sparking thought about loyalties and morality, especially when paired with the Crito...

And I'm tired, so that's the best you're gonna get out of me tonight!

Your thoughts?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

PS - I forgot to mention - it can be read very carefully in under two hours! That's always a plus for busy college students and crammed courses...

I think you've pretty much nailed it, so to speak. The only thing I would add is that you can get it in a slim volume called The Last Days of Socrates, which includes its natural companions The Euthyphro and the Crito, both of which are very important in their different ways.

Q: How do you teach a classroom full of students that Socrates hasn't contributed anything to Western Culture?
A: Ask them why they think he has contributed something. Whoops.

Any of them who cited the evidence that he taught and inspired Plato would get a pass mark from me.

So the Socratic method works. Whoops. damn it

It would work if you then proceeded to question them into admitting that they didn't know what they were talking about. But they'd be wrong in admitting that. But still, if they'd been right...:-D