Kent's Super Playlist (iTunes)

  1. A Favor House Atlantic/Coheed & Cambria
  2. The Battle For Straight Time/A.C. Newman
  3. The Red & The Black/Blue Öyster Cult
  4. Brand New Colony/The Postal Service
  5. Brass in Pocket/The Pretenders
  6. Black Jack Davey/The White Stripes
  7. Secretarial/A.C. Newman
  8. Don't Answer Me/Alan Parsons Project
  9. Internal Wrangler/Clinic
  10. Love is the Slug/Fuzzbox
  11. Ratz/mc chris
  12. Only The Lonely/The Motels
  13. Hold Me Now/The Rumors
  14. Kyle Quit The Band/Tenacious D
  15. The Air Near My Fingers/The White Stripes
  16. The Town Halo/A.C. Newman
  17. Goodbye Says It All/Blackhawk
  18. Tiny Vessels/Death Cab For Cutie
  19. Medley Live From Northern Quebec: A) Cash on the Barrelhead B) Hickory Wind/Gram Parsons
  20. It's So Easy/Guns N' Roses
  21. Dinner Bucket Town/Hominy
  22. Cookie Breath/mc chris
  23. Mine's Not A High Horse/The Shins
  24. One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing/A.C. Marias
  25. Moonlighting/Al Jarreau
  26. Don't Cry/Asia
  27. Astronomy/Blue Öyster Cult
  28. We Drink On The Job/Earlimart
  29. Makes No Sense At All/Husker Du
  30. She Lives (in a time of her own)/The Judybats
  31. The Wait/Metallica
  32. The Little Black Egg/The Nightcrawlers
  33. Here*/Pavement
  34. I Think I Can/The Pillows
  35. I Think Of Demons/Roky Erickson
  36. Luminol/Ryan Adams
  37. Josie/Steely Dan
  38. Come Back in Two Halves (Rerecorded)/Wire
  39. Codine/The Charlatans
  40. Blood Red Summer/Coheed & Cambria
  41. How He Wrote Elastic Man/Elastica
  42. Less Cities, More Moving People/The Fixx
  43. Do One/Gomez
  44. Black Cow/Steely Dan
  45. The Offer/Wire
  46. A National Acrobat/Black Sabbath
  47. Eye of Fatima/Camper Van Beethoven
  48. Snowblind/Black Sabbath
  49. Cause=Time/Broken Social Scene
  50. The Only One I Know/The Charlatans U.K.
  51. One More Time/Daft Punk
  52. President of What?/Death Cab For Cutie
  53. Bungle in the Jungle/Jethro Tull
  54. Big Log/Robert Plant
  55. If Anyone Falls/Stevie Nicks
  56. Hypnotize/The White Stripes
  57. Beercan/Beck
  58. Shadows Fall/The Coral
  59. All-Nighter/Elastica
  60. Love is a Stranger/Eurythmics
  61. Heaven/Pere Ubu
  62. In The Mood/Robert Plant
  63. Fragile/Wire
  64. The Negotiation Limerick File/Beastie Boys
  65. Love is the Message/Cappadonna
  66. Sweet Jane/Cowboy Junkies
  67. Good Enuff (The Goonies)/Cyndi Lauper
  68. Golgotha Tenement Blues/Machines of Loving Grace
  69. Cuttin' Headz/Ol Dirty Bastard
  70. Trigger Cut--Wounded Kite at :17/Pavement
  71. Water Ban/The Pernice Brothers
  72. White Faces/Roky Erickson
  73. Motorcrash/The Sugarcubes
  74. Black Math/The White Stripes
  75. Pay No Mind (Snoozer)/Beck
  76. Trains/Ian Anderson
  77. Atmosphere/Joy Division
  78. Hearts of Darkness/Pere Ubu
  79. A Place Called Home/P.J. Harvey
  80. Wish You Were Here/Ryan Adams
  81. Sweet Water Pools/Screaming Blue Messiahs
  82. Iceblink Luck/Cocteau Twins
  83. Young Lions/Constantines
  84. Face to Face/Daft Punk
  85. Delius (Song of Summer)/Kate Bush
  86. The Rooster/Outkast
  87. Dirty Mind/Prince
  88. Heart to Heart/Raekwon
  89. Murder Music/Renegade Soundwave
  90. I Have Always Been Here Before/Roky Erickson
  91. Shatter/Shelleyan Orphan
  92. Naxalite/Asian Dub Foundation
  93. Jive Talkin'/Bee Gees
  94. Away/The Feelies
  95. Death on the Stairs/The Libertines
  96. Fine Time/New Order
  97. My Dark Ages/Pere Ubu
  98. Live From New York/Raekwon
  99. Me You And Everybody/Gomez
  100. Rocket Queen/Guns N' Roses
  101. Valotte/Julian Lennon
  102. Accordion/Madvillain
  103. Bad (dd) Runner/mc chris
  104. Nite & Fog/Mercury Rev
  105. Dance of the Mad Bastards/Pop Will Eat Itself
  106. We Sell Soul/Roky Erickson
  107. Supra Genius/Soul Coughing
  108. German Shepherds (IBTABA version)/Wire
  109. Scooby Driver/Belle & Sebastian
  110. The Metro/Berlin
  111. Cherry-Coloured Funk/Cocteau Twins
  112. Where Ya Going?/Gomez
  113. Listen To Her Heart/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  114. Red Berry Joy Town/The Wonder Stuff
  115. Pin/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  116. Y Control/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  117. Soul Suckin' Jerk/Beck
  118. Insectivora/Constantines
  119. I Have Always Been Here Before/Julian Cope
  120. The Kick Inside/Kate Bush
  121. Alone Without You/King
  122. Summer in the City/Lovin' Spoonful
  123. See America Right/The Mountain Goats
  124. 1000x No!/Pop Will Eat Itself
  125. Swingtown/Steve Miller Band
  126. Stand Back/Stevie Nicks
  127. Ponderosa/Tricky
  128. Silent Sigh/Badly Drawn Boy
  129. Tomorrow Never Knows/The Beatles
  130. Almost Crimes/Broken Social Scene
  131. Who's That Girl?/Eurythmics
  132. Forget Me Not/Inspectah Deck
  133. WarChild/Jethro Tull
  134. Who's Gonna Save Us/The Living End
  135. Winter Time/Steve Miller Band
  136. Obscurity Knocks/The Trashcan Sinatras
  137. It Continues/Wir
  138. Fett's Vette (The Good, The Baddd and the Ugly)/Baddd Spellah vs. mc chris
  139. Strict Machine/Goldfrapp
  140. Now It's On/Grandaddy
  141. No One Knows/Queens of the Stone Age
  142. Fucking in Rhythm & Sorrow/The Sugarcubes
  143. Jungle Love/The Time
  144. Homicide/999
  145. Lowdown/Fudge Tunnel
  146. Big Decision/That Petrol Emotion
  147. Empty Skies/Kosheen
  148. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee/Ms. Dynamite
  149. Carolyn's Fingers/Cocteau Twins
  150. A Kissed Out Red Floatboat/Cocteau Twins
  151. Tank Commander (Hung Up In A Warehouse Town)/Constantines
  152. The Box (Part 2)/Orbital
  153. Big Brother Muscle/Screaming Blue Messiahs
  154. Mother Universe/Soup Dragons
  155. Have A Nice Day/Stereophonics
  156. Cowgirl/Underworld
  157. I Love The WB/Versus
  158. Date With The Night/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  159. Coolo/Illya Kuryaki
  160. 55--The Law/Screaming Blue Messiahs
Author Comments: 

Another list... I can't help myself sometimes.

If you asked me what my favorite music was, I could give you a number of answers. I could rattle off a bunch of bands and a bunch of songs, but more than likely I'd end up tailoring that list, consciously or unconsciously, to what I think you want to hear, to make me look "cool".

Well, the above list is the iTunes playlist I listen to (set on shuffle, of course) when writing or surfing the Net. This is what I actually listen to, in all its bizarre glory.

The list is ordered by the play count, from 25 (max) to 3 (as I compose this list). When a song reaches 26 plays or more, I remove it and put something new on the list. Bold titles are debuts.

Comments welcome!

Nice list! I'm gonna have to check out a lot of these.

Thanks! I keep meaning to add commentary to some of the songs, so it isn't just a plain list.