I've Come to realise...

  • Movies

  • Rushmore is Wes Anderson's masterpiece NOT The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Music

  • In The Car by Barenaked Ladies is a masterpiece. A song i didn't quite get tone of at first, but what it is is a deeply personal song masked in the jolly upbeat musical tone of BNL

I guess you won't have to change your username to TheRoyalTenenbaums then :D

hehe aye :) have you seen rushmore?

Actually nope. For quite a while I began to associate it with your username here so much I forgot it was actually a film! I assume it has your recommendation.

I love The Royal Tenenbaums btw.

aye i'd like to hear your views on it if you do ever see it

lol yeahi still love royal tenenbaums its like..hmm tenenbaums are The Beatles and Rushmore is like..SUPER Beatles!

Haha! Don't go saying that the Baetles-disliking Scaruffists around here or they'll be giving both films a wide berth.. :D

:D lol oh my what have i done :P