It's time to meet the brunettes on the brunettes show tonight: my favorite Muppets (now ranked)

  2. Kermit the frog (I wouldn't want to be friends with people who don't love this green fellow)
  3. The great Gonzo (He may be fairly unattractive but he lives with lots of chicks)
  4. Miss Piggy (Take it from moi, this pig is belgian, not fran├žaise)
  5. The Swedish Chef (Whacky hen-roasting lessons and his yoose ooff aen oozer laengvadge make him a top muppet)
  6. Doctor Teeth (Make way for the awesomely hip groovy leader of the coolest band in the world)
  7. Zoot the sax player (He's got a cool hat, cooler shades and the honor of closing the end titles)
  8. Animal (Living proof that cuteness and roughness go hand in hand, bang them drums, baby)
  9. Janice the bass player (She adds her sex-appeal and attitude to the band and the whole show)
  10. Floyd Pepper the guitarist (The backbone of the Electric Mayhem sure is a great musical talent)
  11. Sam the eagle (I know why I love to hate him, I just wish I wouldn't have to explain)
  12. Rowlf the dog (He plays a mean piano and he's got that "after midnight" jaded philosophy that everyone likes)
  13. Fozzie Bear (I admit Mr. Ooga-ooga is not a favorite of mine but he is essential to the Muppets)
  14. The anchorman (If someone knows the guy's name, it might be tomorrow's leading story)
  15. Scooter (Annoying and bratty, this kid took a while for me to warm up to)
  16. Professor Bunsen (His head is a big green-yellow ball which obviously makes him the resident Einstein-Edison caliber scientist inventor)
  17. Beeker (Science without reason is very dangerous, science with Beeker around is just as well)
  19. Pepe the prawn (This ethnic king prawn should not be messed with even if he might be a mess himself)
  20. Rizzo the rat (It's hard to dislike Rizzo but at the same time he is quite un-cool)
  21. Johnny Fiamma (This suave but strong crooner will give the world what it needs now -more Tony Bennett!!)
  22. Clifford (Let's welcoooome the hooost of ooour shoooww...)
  23. Bobo the bear (He is, hmmm, dense... but don't blame him, he's just a bear and this is the middle of winter)
  24. Seymour the elephant (He's two of a kind, he's got a big behind, oh, whatever)
Author Comments: 

Do not doubt it, Jim Henson was a genius and all the guys involved in the company were supergreat... this list is dedicated to Jane, Brian, Dave, Jerry, Jerry, Frank (who is belgian, by the way), Louise, Richard, Steve and all the people I have forgotten... thank you all!!
I don't know why but this list is my all-time greatest hit with over 10,000 views while my other lists are only nearing 1,000. Well, Muppets rule, don't they ?

Neato! Frank Oz, Belgian? That's awesome. Is the "Jerry, Jerry" for Nelson, Juhl? If so, kudos on remembering one of the great writers. If not, *sigh*.

If you want to do "FIRST GENERATION" Muppets you have to go back to Sam and Friends . [Full disclosure requires me to say that, even then, there were "celebrity" endorsements.] That's before you get to Sesame Street and SNL (with one of my favourite Jerry characters, Scred) on the way to TOMS.

I love kids when they are at that delicate point where they luuuv Ernie while they hate Bert. In that spirit: the favourite Muppet, for anyone recognizes that Jim Henson was a genius, has to be Kermit.

The big brown bear is Bear and while you may not like him, he does like you (and we don't use the word "stupid." We say "silly" instead.) Of the movie generated characters I must say that Pepe is my favourite. I cannot wait to see what he does with the role of Toto. It will be unbelievable, okay?

Thats a lot of useful info, thank you... Not being american myself, I only first came in contact with Henson's creation through the Muppet Show when it was first broadcast on french tv... and I was too young to get all the jokes back then but I grew up with Fraggle Rock and the Muppet movies and just for the illusion of being a careless little child again I confess that I sometimes watch Bear in the big blue house... I do have strong memories of Sesame street even though it has not been shown on tv here for more than twenty years now... yes, one of the Jerrys is mister Juhl... Now I do have cautious feelings about the future since Disney acquired the Muppets but I hope I'm proven wrong in due time... Once more, thanks for the links and the interest. Hmmm, that Scred character looks a lot like an earlier subconscious version of a Skeksis, doesn't it ? And, I saw the Muppets Tonight show in french so I didn't know what the silly brown bear's name was in english, in french anyway he's got a regular name, he's not called just Bear (which in french would be "Ours").
Oh, I checked your bear link and that's Bear from the blue house, yes... the bear I was thinking about is the big dark brown hair who used to do menial work on Muppets Tonight and had lots of trouble with Piggy's beavis&butthead inspired nephews...

Scred does have the kinda-reptilian vibe but, if you ever saw him, the Skeksis would be the furthest thing from your mind. Think of the Great Gonzo in lizard form... think about it all day. I remember (although not very well) John Belushi being accosted by Scred in a hallway. Scred thanks him for the new offices and the wonderful tile decor but wonders why all the seats have holes in them. Belushi's discomfiture at acting with a puppet is almost as funny as Scred's unquenchable enthusiasm/optimism.

We're probably talking 'bout Bobo the Bear, to whom I'm very sympathetic. I always thought he was kind of noble dealing with Andy and Randy Pig. It helps that I dislike the paired pigs... not only are they pointlessly obnoxious and dumb (oblivious works much better... keep thinking about the Great Gonzo) but "Randy" is such a poor name for a Muppet.

Thank you, yes it's Bobo... you are so knowledgeable muppet-wise, it's almost scary =p

That is a very high compliment. You have excellent taste for someone who's so skittish. I have (at least) one question. How can you not include the Swedish Chef? From a technical standpoint alone, watching Frank "the Pride of Belgium" Oz's hands try to mess with Jim Henson's head/voice is wonderful.

Or to put it another way...

Thet is a fery heegh cumpleement. Yuoo hefe-a ixcellent teste-a fur sumeune-a vhu's su skeettish. I hefe-a (et leest) oone-a qooesshun. Hoo cun yuoo nut incloode-a zee Svedeesh Cheff? Frum a techneecel stundpueent elune-a, vetcheeng Frunk "zee Preede-a ooff Belgeeoom" Ooz's hunds try tu mess veet Jeem Hensun's heed/fueece-a is vunderffool.

Oor tu poot it unuzeer vey...

Bork Bork Bork!

The shame... He completely skipped my mind and I have no excuse... I vividly remember the time he tried to make an omelette but the hen kept laying ping pong balls that bounced off of his frying pan and eventually he decided he would rather cook hen... thanks for pointing out that unforgivable overlook.

Let he-a vhu is veethuoot seen cest zee furst stune-a. Ell is furgeefee. I remember muny cheeckee deeshes vheech bumbed oon Zee Mooppet Shoo und ell ooff zeem vere-a fery foonny.
[ ruhplee tu 0odysseoos ]

I am anticipating The Muppets' Wizard of Oz so eagerly that I searched "Muppet" and "Oz" to get info, see pics, share in the excitement, whatever. A nanosecond before I got the results I realized something about myself.

I'm simply not very smart.

Damn, missed it! Not a big fan of Ashanti, anyway. How was it?

As always, it was wonderful to see old friends again. And, as always, it was a little sad to see how things will never be the same again. It's been fifteen years and I still can't believe that Jim Henson is gone.

The new generation of performers does a fine job. Steve Whitmire has never been better as Kermit the Frog and his Rizzo the Rat is always fun. Eric Jacobson is excellent as Miss Piggy who sinks her teeth into the roles haha! of four different witches (but his voice for Fozzie Bear can occasionally become indistinguishable.)

Dave Goelz is all that is left of the old guard. The Great Gonzo is given very little to work with and is rather subdued throughout. There is a notable lack of chemistry haha! between Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. The loss of Richard Hunt is also tough to bear. There is also no Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Marty Robinson, Kevin Clash or even Carroll Spinney.

But there is the fantastic Bill Barretta. His Johnny Fiama is predictably great and his Swedish Chef and Dr. Teeth are seemless continuations. His Pepe the Prawn is the undisputed star of the entire piece as he somehow makes the Oz part of the plot all hang together (the less said about Kansas the better.) His personality is untainted by any awareness of his own limitations and it is worth watching for his performance alone.

On the way to get the all-seeing eye of the Wicked Witch of the West he immediately throws cold water on the inevitable sentimentality served up by Kermit ("You'll always be a star to us") and Dorothy when she starts to miss Kansas...

'O'kay, o'kay. Boo-hoo, hoo-hoo, o'kay? I live in a stinking algae-covered fish bowl in a trailer park, o'kay? We're going to poke the Witch in the eye. End of story. ... "Waa waa waa, poor me, poor me," you guys are pathetic, o'kay? Ehh-ehh, let's talk about something else, o'kay? because there's an amazing coincidence happening here. No, really, when you think about it it blows the mind. Kansas -- 80s band. Toto -- 80s band. We're on a Journey -- 80s band. And then there's us **mumble mumble** and when we see the Witch? Wham! -- 80s band, o'kay?'

There is some inappropriate Muppet behavior which will probably disturb youngsters a lot less than it disturbed me.

The wizard takes on several CGI fa├žades including a sexy, slinky, green-attired temptress. The winged monkeys leave Scarecrow and the Tin Thing disassembled in way that frightened me more than the movie. The Wicked Witch of the West's all-seeing eye is a little disconcerting. Quentin Tarantino is very disconcerting. Finally, Kermit is decapitated so that the Wizard can fill his head with bran flakes. All of this goes to prove the Golden FX Rule: Just because you can use a particular effect does not mean that you should.

However, I did like the nipple joke.

There is absoutely nothing in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz that could change your mind about Ashanti. David Alan Grier sucks and jives his way through a thankless role. Jeffrey Tambor is a very good man but here he is a very bad Wizard and an even worse actor. And Queen Latifah, having driven her career haha! off a cliff in Taxi , puts the pedal to the metal in a performance made entirely of wood.

In spite of all this, I truly enjoyed the time to reminisce with old friends... and I wish I had more of both.

Well, then. You're obviously quite a fan. Thanks for the thorough review. I figured that muppetry was a specific type of 'special effect' and I would want to see much CGI thrown in alongside muppets, I don't think.

I was very unsure about the idea to begin with... mixing Muppets with Oz ? The Christmas Carol did it but already lacked in essential muppet (to me at least) wackiness, the Treasure Island was (again, that's only my opinion) sub-par and too disney-ish... But as before, your words and enthusiasm have won me over and I will watch Muppets of Oz without fear when I get the opportunity... thank you... PS I even made the effort not to read your spoilers!!

My favourite muppet? Let me time to think about that..............................................................................................probably a tie between Miss Piggy and Gonzo.