It's not just for Idiots these days: 17 reasons to watch the Idiot Box

  • 1. The Wire
  • 2. Deadwood
  • 3. Lost
  • 4. 24
  • 5. The Soprano's
  • 6. Arrested Development
  • 7. Curb Your Enthusiam
  • 8. Rescue Me
  • 9. Without A Trace
  • 10. Huff
  • 11. Nip and Tuck
  • 12. The Shield
  • 13. Scrubs
  • 14. Entourage
  • 15. The L Word
  • 16. Six feet Under
  • 17. Desperate Housewives
  • 18. Over There
Author Comments: 

Thank god for cable channels. But there are some pretty darn good TV shows floating aroud these days.

Six Feet Under is going out on a huge high note. Some veryriveting TV.

Rescue Me is better in it's second season.

The Wire is still the best (though Deadwood is darn Close) Great third season for The Wire real nice second Season on Deadwood.

Arrested Development is the best comedy done by a Network in a long, long time. Curb your Enthusiam is still the best Comedy on TV though.

Entourage is much better in the second year.

Over There is very well done but it is very, very hard to Watch

I enjoyed the first few seasons of Scrubs, but eventually I was irritated by it (I'll put off watching Garden State for a while because of this). Six Feet Under is awesome, and I suspect I might loved Deadwood, but the others I've seen an episode of - 24, Nip and Tuck, Sopranos, The Shield, Desperate Housewives - didn't engage me at all. In fact, I thought Desperate Housewives, despite the excellent title, was downright horrible. There might be something in me programmed against drama on TV, but the few shows I do enjoy suggest that's not it.

Times like these I miss cable. From this list I've only seen the first two seasons of 24 and The Sopranos. I'm sure I'll catch up with many of these on DVD, but I'll be so far behind the times by then (not that that'll be new). I'm particularly looking forward to The Wire, Deadwood, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

You could rename this list everything chum hates about television and a show by Larry David and it wouldn't be too far wrong... although rescue me and huff do look interesting and i haven't seen even one episode.

Well .... I ummm.... Well...

I do drink Moxie. Does that redeem me at all.....?

Well come on now, everything you hate about television? I don't think this list even comes close. In fact, it only has one show from this list. Jgandcag would have to add tons more shows to encompass everything you hate about television - because, let's face it, you hate a lot of television. :-)

thats true, but to be honest I hate MOST of the shows on this list with a passion, and more so than the ones on 'that list', the reason they aren't on the list is because I see so little of them and hate them so much i couldn't possibly list them... 1-4 on his list, desperate housewives, nip and tuck, and the shield especially are, dare i say, too bad to put on my least favorite list because one more second of thought about them and I may vomit... but yeah, you like moxie and your taste in movies is pretty good, so that makes up for this list and your love for the godfather in my book.

Besides, you don't hate everything on television.

Well considering the list Odyseuss linked below, I think we might have to just disagree on TV shows that we like. But I just have to say you asctually watched Becker? Are you the reason it was on the air for like 6 years...Another mystery solved.

But I do have to ask another question. Aren't you the guy who loves Leone and Peckinpaugh and Fuller? If you are and you have not watched Deadwood, I might humbly suggest you give it a viewing. The Wire too; but it seems you really don't like Cop Shows so that may not work for you.

Also another final question if you hate mob movies, did you like Once Upon a Time in America? I know the answer is probably in your lists somewhere but I am too lazy to look it up. I happen to think it is Leone's best. And that is saying something..

haha... funny thing is that OUATIAmerica is what I consider to be the greatest movie ever made... and yes I do like becker, i'm a ted danson fan, and he's playing an asshole, so I had to like it... Yeah peckinpah and leone are my favorite directors, but deadwood is a hacky joke, yeah so the style is there, but it's really corny and a disgrace to all the movies that do that sort of stuff well... in my opinion anyway... and cop shows not starring david hasselhoff or dennis farina are all crap in my book, as funny as that sounds.

Arrested Development R.I.P.
It's not the box that's an idiot...