items found on my desk

  • (1) can Hill Country Fare Cola, empty
  • (1) package Manco Adhesive Poster Putty, empty
  • (1) permanent marker, Sharpie, green fine point
  • (1) pencil, Colorific, blue
  • (1) pen, Bic, blue round stic medium, no cap
  • (1) pen, Bic, blue round stic "Grip", no cap
  • (1) pen, Bic, blue round stic "Grip", with cap
  • (10) baseball cards, 2002 Topps Gallery
  • (8) baseball cards, 2002 Fleer Focus
  • (13) baseball cards, 2002 Topps
  • (1) lotería card, "El Gallo"
  • (1) lotería card, "La Rana"
  • (1) lotería card, "La Sandia"
  • (1) packet, Manco Adhesive Poster Putty, partial
  • (2) paper clip, green, attached to putty
  • (1) compact disc, Hello Nasty , Beastie Boys
  • (1) compact disc, Is This It? , The Strokes
  • (1) compact disc, In Utero , Nirvana
  • (1) compact disc, White Blood Cells , The White Stripes
  • (1) compact disc, Being There (disc two), Wilco
  • (1) compact disc, in case, Unconditionally Guaranteed , Uncut Magazine, February 2000
  • (4) mix compact discs, contents unknown
  • (1) cardboard, 2" diameter circular, origin unknown
  • (1) sleeve, Memorex CD-R 100 Pack, cylindric paper
  • (1) issue, The Touchstone , Summer 2002, Volume XII, No. 3
  • (1) résumé, chronological, printed with incorrect e-mail address
  • (1) arts section, The New York Times , Wednesday, September 18, 2002
  • (4) sheets, Oceanography 251 notes, one with list of movies I'd like to see on back
  • (1) birthday card, converted to 20th birthday from 2nd by best friend
  • (1) letter, written by "Marianne" to "Sabrina" during grounding, dated February 24, 1986, 7:27 p.m. (sic)
  • (1) book of checks
  • (1) birthday card, with punch line "You Are the Sweetest Link", to be given at appropriate time far in future.
  • (1) receipt, Poor Yorick's Coffee House, for turkey sub and Italian soda (flavor unknown), price $4.96
  • (1) picture frame insert, four-year-old grinning with ice cream mustache on steps
  • (1) booklet, "Toon Up For School" instant win game
  • (1) booklet, liner notes, 13 Songs , Fugazi
  • (1) lighter, Scripto, sea green
  • (2) Allen wrenches
  • (1) scrap, toilet paper, unused
  • (1) bottlecap, champagne, Gloria Ferrer
  • (1) bottlecap, root beer, IBC
  • (3) pennies
  • (2) nickels
  • (1) bottle, Elmer's Glue-All
  • (1) computer monitor with broken base
  • (1) textbook, "Avanzando", Gramática española y lectura, quinta edition
  • (1) textbook, "A Little Anthropology", third edition, Denison Nash
  • (1) bracelet, text "Entering Moshing Area Is At Your Own Risk", from Weezer concert
Author Comments: 

misspelled "coffee".

You either have a lot of desk space or a very cluttered desk. There's really such a place as Poor Yorick's Coffee House? Do you know it well?

We must speak by the card, or equivocation will undo us. By the Lord, Amie, these two years I have taken a note of it.

Nick, is officially addicted to list making...

Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2/2002, eh? That's the freebie CD for the killer Brit mag with a song by my hometowner Dwight Twilley, if I recall...

Did you ever snag the original Uncut Sounds of the New West CD? Something of a legend now, I hear. It is full of terrific alt-country songs; the best sampler I've ever heard of the genre, in fact. Worth a search, I unconditionally... er, never mind.

i've discovered many gems on those disc. Red Star Belgrade's Saddest Girl and Josh Rouse's Suburban Sweetheart jumps to mind...

I'm not sure that Uncut isn't the best music/film/book magazine on the market today, even if they did slam the debut Strokes album.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Josh Rouse, eh? I picked up a copy of "Home" on a whim in a Colorado Springs Goodwill a couple years ago. I didn't know what it was, other than 98 cents. Good times.

I'll bet the Handsome Family are on the Uncut disc. The UK mags really love the Family for some reason. Saw 'em front Wilco a few months back. They were...odd.

Yes, both Rouse and the Handsome Family were on the New Sound of the Old West disc. In fact, I should add the Family's tune to the short list of best songs I've discovered through the discs. The tune was Weightless Again, a great song.

As for Josh, I've heard stuff from him I like and stuff I wasn't so hot for, but I loved that Suburban Sweetheart song.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs