I'm Listening to music right now(this is what i'm listening to)part 11

  • 1.BankRobber-The Clash
  • 2.Wild Thing-The Troggs
  • 3.Do You Realize??-The Flaming Lips
  • 4.Dig up her bones-The Misfits
  • 5.No COMPLY-The Bouncing Souls
  • 6.Anarchy in the UK-The Sex Pistols
  • 7.Ring of fire-Social Distortion
  • 8.Lust for life-Iggy pop

I don't know much about Iggy Pop but once I saw him perform on the David Letterman show. He sounds like something I'd enjoy, although don't know yet because I haven't heard all his other stuff. Hey, off topic but did you see his role in the movie "Cry Baby" with Johnny Depp? (Strange movie....)

Sadly,I have not seen Cry Baby:( Iggy Pop is Strange but very enjoyable.