If I won [insert obscene amount of money here]

  1. Fly to south africa to see my friend, Tim.
  2. Give money to my old school
  3. Buy my mum a house, or whatever else she wants
  4. Give certain amount of money each to my mates
  5. attend a WWE Wrestlemania from 1st row, then the raw after
  6. Have home theatre set in my house.
  7. A games room in my house.
  8. Buy a house.
  9. Visit America
  10. Drive around different countries eating at expensive restaurants
  11. Travel Across America.
  12. buy a Limo.
  13. Buy every CD ever, just to say i have them
  14. Buy every movie on dvd
  15. Buy every tv show on dvd

Wait a minute! Where's "Donate money to Wezzo's DVD collection "charity" "? ;-)

hhhmmm.. got lost in the mail ? :P

Nice list i would probably do most of these as well