horrible horror/please add to this list of bombs

  • 1.I Spit On Your Grave
  • 2.Sleepaway Camp
  • 3.Hellraiser series
  • 4.Candyman
  • 5.Rawhead Rex
  • 6.Phantasm
  • 7.Maximum Overdrive
  • 8.Wishmaster
  • 9.Army Of Darkness
  • 10.The Dentist
  • 11.Bloodhook( aretarded movie jenhowel enlightened me about.this one is putrid.)

All I can do when I look at your list of worst horror movies is scream in agony. Primarily, I think maybe as a judge of horror movies your expecting them to be good as films. As in objectively containing quality as art. When I look at horror movies, I see those that could be weighed against films, and then I see those that should be looked at only as vehicles for entertainment, amusement or scariness. On this basis I don't think WISHMASTER (interesting concept, not bad acting), PHANTASM (even Entertainment Weekly rated it in its top 25 so I'm not alone), SLEEPAWAY CAMP (SOOOOOO Funny and entertaining!), CANDYMAN (One of the scariest horror movies there is with GREAT acting by Virginia Madsen) or ARMY OF DARKNESS (self-evident) belong on this list. If you're talking horror FILMS, maybe. But horror MOVIES? C'mon and give the genre a break! As to actually really bad and in no way having any merit - TRILOGY OF TERROR II, PINOCHIO'S REVENGE, THE LATTER FRIDAY THE 13th's (as in after IV), Nightmare on Elm Street VI: Freddy's Dead, Urban Legends all come to mind, and I'm sure if I pick my brain there will be quite a few more.
One more agonized plea however - Can you honestly say you weren't at all entertained, amused or scared by the movies on your list which I've picked out? Cause movies are supposed to entertain and the only way I think they can be called bad is if they fail in that purpose. If you call something a "film" on the other hand, there's a different story. Even there, however, Phantasm and Candyman definitely have their merits. The acting in Candyman and the cinematography in both have a lot of merit.

These movies over use the over used schock treatment. when it's dark, raining and a girl alone is walking around a corner, she's gonna get it. I'm ready for someone to get original again.

I quite liked the recent Final Destination. Hard to be completely original, but this was a good shot.

so did i.Not bad.

Wait, you're talking about Candyman, Phantasm and Wishmaster as UNoriginal? Dude! I personally don't remember any of those three containing many cliches at all. And as far as concepts - Candyman (an original urban legend created out of this movie, which now has a life of its own, referencing issues of racism and modern urban poverty) Phantasm (possibly the weirdest horror movie EVER! A tall man who controls armies of jawa-like dwarves!?!?) Wishmaster (the typical genie turned on its head, into an evil threat)

As for the Sleepaway Camp series, that series is more or less a parody of the genre way before Scream and Scary Movie broke that ground. And let me say, it works very well, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd installments.

Sorry, but you're picking on my favorites.

And as for Final Destination - it was mildly entertaining, but I believe has zero rewatchability. And as for the acting, dialogue, and frankly scare factor - pshaw.

i was referring to the scare tactics Jen, not the originality of the plot. These movies are bad.

alright, alright... Though I disagree with you, I can tell I'm starting to annoy. I officially let it rest!

I finally hit upon it - You will never see a worse movie, horror or otherwise, than "Bloodhook".
This movie is about a fisherman who runs amok killing people at a Muskie-fishing competition because he is driven mad by the combined sound of rock music and crickets. Yeah. And it's not even funny.
The only good part in the whole movie is when this one chick delivers her line so hysterically you can't understand it. We cracked up for about a half hour re-watching it, until we finally figured out she said: "I guess I can't take a hint, Anne, I guess you don't want me to go!"
To truly know a bad movie, one must first know "Bloodhook".

A not bad second place candidate for worst horror movie ever (and I promise you it's even less watchable than I Spit on Your Grave,) is Wes Craven's premiere effort "The Last House on the Left". One of my friends who is a movie Nazi about always watching until the end, was forced to leave it was so bad. And I almost almost had to join her.

Oh yeah, and Roger Corman's "Humanoids from the Deep". It's like watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with leprosy raping big-breasted chicks. No, it's not as good as it sounds.

i've been fortunate not to see the last two you mentioned. However, that bloodhook is loathsome. I must add that to my list right now. thanks jen. dont go anywhere for awhile, i like rapping with you!!!