history of my favorite shows

  1. eli stone
  2. project runway
  3. six feet under
  4. freaks and geeks
  5. my so-called life
  6. everwood
  7. thirtysomething
  8. moonlighting
  9. max headroom
  10. simpsons
  11. seinfeld
  12. will & grace
  13. mad about you (pre-baby)
  14. ally mcbeal (robert downey jr. season)
  15. frasier (pre-niles & daphne)
  16. remington steele
  17. streethawk
  18. friends (a college thing)
Author Comments: 

these are shows i went out of my way to watch, during one season or another... ranked by how lovingly i remember them. :)

taryn can you say ANGST . . .

you know what i'm going to say...

streethawk? wonder who started that obsession? where is miami vice on this list?

now... just because you know all my childhood secrets (due to the fact that you were *there*--heehee) doesn't mean you can blab em! JK miami vice is what you call a "guilty pleasure"...

love you, girl. welcome to listology.


I was so absorbed by that show in junior high. I used to tape every episode and watch it about five to seven times before the next episode aired. Sadly, I think I still have entire shows memorized word for word.

It is shame there are few shows as creative or verbally sharp on the air today. In fact, Moonlighting reminds me more of my beloved screwball comedies (Bringing Up Baby, My Man Godfrey, His Girl Friday, etc.) than of anything contemporary.

Heck, I even enjoyed the last season to some degree; long after the fire had flared, the wit of the scripts still earned my hour of time.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

it's funny to think about this... i just remembered while re-reading your post that i was upset when they changed the air-time and my mom wouldn't let me stay up to watch it anymore--now i'm thinking: did we not have a vcr at the time? wow i suddenly feel old.

yes, moonlighting had great dialogue, unlike anything else that's come out since, i think. and every now and again bruce willis will pull off a line in a movie like he used to and i'll remember why i liked him so much (enough to have a picture of him on my wall *blush*).

if anybody's interested, or just feeling particularly kind... please sign the petition to get Freaks & Geeks released on DVD. *pretty please!*

Okay, but you have to tell me a little something about this show first. Otherwise I'll feel like I'm just shamelessly padding their numbers. :-)

Think That 70's Show placed about five years earlier and played out as perceptive coming-of-age drama instead of high school comedy. Oh, and make most of the character more like Fez.

I sorta think you'd dig it, Jim, but Lord knows, I've been wrong before... :)

I love it. It is everything I wanted My So Called Life to be. (I think the Danes show sunk itself by being too impressed with its own gravity and art; Six Feet Under for the teen set; sorry, Taryn; to be fair, all my friends also loved My So Called Life...).

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I know how to hook you, Jim. Guess who wrote and directed many of the episodes? Jake Kasdan, of Zero Effect fame.

Guess what else? It is the best thing he's ever been involved with. Yup, better than Zero Effect. Check it out!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Okay, I can get on board with that. Consider the petition signed!

many thanks lbangs for your persuasive powers... if i ever need to sell any snowballs to eskimos, i'll know who to call now! :) (and thanks, jim, for being the honest and kind person you are.)

you folks may already have heard this but Freaks and Geeks is actually being released on DVD!! thanks again to all who signed the petition--now we can enjoy the series (and new special features) for always. woohoo!