Greatest Psychedelic Albums (31-40)

  • 31. The Soft Machine/Volume One (1968).
  • 32. The Beau Brummels/Triangle (1967).
  • T33. Moby Grape/Moby Grape (1967).
  • T33. Alexander "Skip" Spence/Oar (1969).
  • 35. Jefferson Airplane/After Bathing at Baxter's (1967).
  • 36. The Rolling Stones/Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967).
  • 37. Spirit/The Family That Plays Together (1968).
  • 38. The Grateful Dead/Live/Dead (1969).
  • 39. The Steve Miller Band/Sailor (1968).
  • 40. The Doors/Strange Days (1967).

I love how you post the entries in this series before the comments; it serves as a delicious teaser. I should probably learn from this technique.

I cannot wait to read the comments for these albums. This series is terrific; it is the rare list that I find as fun as informative. I've certainly learned loads, and I am dead serious when I tell you that this is all excellent enough to publish. This should certainly be a book.

And now I'm off to spend some time reading your additions to the other installments in this series!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I love teasers! I want to put them up so badly (I think I have albums 41-50 pretty much settled), but I won't let myself put up the next ten until I get to a certain point. I decided I had to get twenty-six written before I put up the thirties, and I will have to get to thirty-six before I put up the forties. I hope that won't be months down the road--I'm trying to pace myself so I won't get burned out!

It may be a pipe dream, but I'd love to publish these someday. A small guide to psychedelic albums;) What I have wanted to do is write the kind of thing that I wish I could have found when I first started getting into this music. The AllMusic Guide helped of course, but most books on psych end up spending more time on the clothes, drugs, and protests than they do the music, and I'm certainly not saying all of those things are unimportant, but I wanted more about the songs and albums, damnit!

Johnny Waco

Ah, the curse of reading about psychedelica; most material centers on the wild trappings of the scene and gives the actual music the short end of the straw. As you mentioned, that is too bad, since the music will likely endure longer than the whiffs of pot and patchouli.

If I ever see it pop up on Amazon, I will certainly preorder your book. In the meantime, I've got to nab some of the discs on these lists...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Maybe we should go in together and start a press dedicated to music and movie books? We could get Jim in on the action and call it "Listology Books" or something...only the finest list-centered tomes.


Johnny Waco

Bathroom readers of the world, unite! List-centric books are here!

Though it would not necessarily be list-centric, I think you and I should write a history of rock music. C'mon! Just think of the flamers we would attract!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs (who, while goofy, isn't really joking)

Yes, our history of rock would be pretty iconoclastic, I imagine. Let's send a complimentary, signed copy to Harlem Joe! heh heh...

Johnny Waco (who finds the idea of a rock book so much more appealing than all the horrific academic writing he's been laboring over for too many years now)

I think I've mentioned this to one other Listologist, but I've had my eye on Lulu for awhile now, and it looks great. No setup fees, no minimum order, pretty wide variety of book formats. I've been toying with the idea of finding out which Listologists would be interested in contributing some of their content to a Listology book, but I'm worried I'd be biting off more than I could chew. Then there'd be the hassle of splitting up whatever pittance of a royalty the book brings in. :-) (unless we just sold it at cost)

Depends on what the book was about. I'd be game if I could contribute something useful.

An interesting website, and it certainly seems doable and relatively easy. I think we should consider it.

Johnny Waco

Why not compile a 'test' book, sold at cost, and if there's significant interest there could be a followup?

Mostly because I'm already maxxed out for time. I do love the idea though, and will keep mulling it over. Maybe in six months or a year I'll be able to put my movie habit on hold for a time and take on some new projects.

So do you have any plans to do a list for greatest albums by neo-psychedlia bands, like Mercury Rev or The Flaming Lips?

Well, my knowledge of neo-psychedelia is pretty spotty, so probably not for a long while. Besides, after finishing this list, I might not want to focus on anything even remotely psychedelic for a good long time...

Johnny Waco