The Greatest Frontmen in the History of Rock

  1. James Brown
  2. Mick Jagger
  3. Jim Morrison
  4. Bruce Springsteen
  5. Robert Plant
  6. Steven Tyler
  7. Robert Daltrey
  8. Little Richard
  9. David Lee Roth
  10. Ozzy Ozbourne
  11. Jimi Hendrix
  12. David Bowie
  13. Freddy Mercury
  14. Prince
  15. Iggy Pop
  16. Johnny Rotten
  17. George Clinton
  18. Zack de la Rocha
  19. Gene Simmons
  20. Alice Cooper
  21. Axl Rose
  22. Rob Halford
  23. Scott Weiland
  24. Kurt Cobain
  25. Trent Reznor
  26. Michael Jackson
  27. Anthony Kiedis
  28. Gregg Allman
  29. Lemmy Kilmister
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comments welcome...

Lux Interior (The Cramps) - very good frontman.
David Thomas - there used to be a good performance of "Final Solution" on youtube but it is gone now. "Birdies" is a decent replacement. pretty good frontman.

Ignorance on my part. You have Price. Did you mean Prince. Probably not, but thought I'd ask, in case.

na you're right...just a typo

Bingo. James Brown at #1 is the right answer. Mick Jagger at #2 is also a perfect choice.

ummm... Elvis?