Greatest Directing Triumphs

  1. Orson Welles "Citizen Kane"
  2. Andrei Tarkovsky "Andrei Rublev"
  3. Stanley Kubrick "2001: A Space Odyssey"
  4. Fran├žois Truffaut "Jules and Jim"
  5. Sergei Eisenstein "The Battleship Potemkin"
  6. Akira Kurosawa "Seven Samurai"
  7. Alfred Hitchcock "Pyscho"
Author Comments: 

To me, these stand out in the history of all film. I've still to see several films that may make the list.

Not necessarily the director's best film, only the films with the best directing work in them.

In my opinion, this sort of list is incomplete without David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. Probably the most visually astounding film ever made.

I can think of several I found more visually astounding, but I'll have to rewatch that film before I can really consider it. Thanks for the comments!

a couple i would have on there in addition to yours if i made the list...
sergio leone- once upon a time in america
Victor Fleming- the wizard of oz
John Ford- either the searchers or the quiet man

Yes, I must watch Wizard of Oz and the Searchers again. I must also watch several more Leone movies. I wouldn't say The Quiet Man is a great directing triumph, though - a good film, but the direction itself doesn't stand out and say 'Hey, look at me, I'm fabulous!' like it does in the other films I've listed.

you may be right about the quiet man... but that flashback just hits me everytime... and all i can say is wow!... i know it's small but for me that sequence alone makes it a triumph.