Great Films By Stanley Kubrick

  • 1.Dr. Strangelove
  • 2.2001: A Space odyssey
  • 3.A Clockwork Orange
  • 4.The Shining
  • 5.Full Metal Jacket
  • the rest of kubricks movies are merely brilliant.

isn't brilliant better than great?! :-) also have you seen Paths of Glory? I think that film is one of (if not) the best film Stanley Kubrick ever made. and what about The Killing? I'd be curious to know which Kubrick films you haven't seen yet, if any.

Well I love both those movies you've mentioned. I havent seen Barry Lyndon. The rest I have and I love all his work. He is who I consider to be the greatest of all directors.

Another great list, Mr. Black. I am a bit surprised to see Full Metal Jacket on a list lacking Paths of Glory or The Killing, but FMJ is rather good.

You really should see Barry Lyndon, especially once it is released remastered later this summer (the present DVD is rather poor). I'm sure it will join the others on this list.

Agreed. You have gotta see Barry, Jack.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Les, did you call me Jack as a nickname or do you think thats my name? I'm Jeff if you thought the latter.

Sorry, Jeff. Old habits die hard.

I usually assume that most folks, such as myself, use a nickname here on Listology. When I first started reading your lists, I assume you swiped the name from Jack Black, the actor who played Barry, the very opinionated employee in High Fidelity. I later learned, of course, that I was wrong, but I must admit, I still think of you as Jack.

Again, sorry. Just slap me if I do it again.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

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